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Best Parts of the Recruitment Process to Outsource

Jun 15 , 2016

Scanning resumes is one task that could be outsourced to a recruiter.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is gaining ground among businesses as a way to more effectively recruit quality staff for their open positions. In addition to being more effective, RPO has the potential to both speed up the process of hiring and cut the cost.

Entrepreneur estimates that businesses spend around $4,000 per new employee hired, and for professional and managerial employees, the number is closer to $7,000. When the recruiting process isn't successful, it will have to be repeated again and again, driving up costs even more.

Outsourcing part or all of the recruitment process will free up current staff to focus on their (already understaffed) departments. Here are some of the best parts of the recruitment process to outsource.

--Identifying qualified candidates. Recruiters are trained to narrow down the stack of resumes to the best handful of qualified candidates, and they also have technology to help them. It is far more economical to pay to utilize a recruiting company's applicant tracking software than for your business to purchase it.

--Screening and checking references. These routine tasks consume hours that could be spent managing existing projects and training new hires. Why not outsource them to a recruitment company and spend your time on critical tasks?

--Building a talent network. While it could take dozens or hundreds of hours to reconfigure the company website, add content that will attract potential talent, build a contact list and write ongoing content that will keep talent in contact with the company, recruiters can tap into existing talent networks already in place to drive talent to your business.

Blogging could be a recruiting task, if it helps talent understand a business better and want to work there.

--Recruiting for highly specialized or unusual positions. If your business wants to hire a CompTIA Network+ specialist to design and manage its wireless network, for example, an IT recruiter may have a better handle on the skills needed for this position, which would help them source quality candidates.

--Tracking and evaluating your existing recruitment efforts. You know your recruitment process is less than effective, but aren't sure why. RPO has the capability to analyze your system, discover its flaws, and document them. RPO can also use metrics to track and evaluate its own process so you can compare the two.

--Training your staff in effective recruiting techniques. With help from an RPO team, your business can develop an effective recruitment process or even just handle parts of the process better while still outsourcing other segments of the process.

--Onboarding tasks and aspects of new employee training. Not all businesses have an HR department. Outsourcing onboarding paperwork and new hire orientation can smooth the process of bringing on new employees without putting stress on departments that have already been operating at less than full capacity, sometimes for months.

The bottom line is, recruiters often have more time, more expertise, and more motivation to handle your business's recruiting needs than anyone within your business. Why not try recruitment process outsourcing and see what it can do for your business?

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