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Good Answers for 4 Tricky Interview Questions

Jul 16 , 2018

Three people interviewing a woman.

Just one weak or lackluster answer to an interview question can derail an interview and be the difference between getting the job and being passed over for someone with a better answer. Some interview questions are tricky and require you to think ahead of time about how you will answer. Here are some good answers for those tricky interview questions that can help you get the job you want. 

Question 1: What is your biggest weakness?

You can't say that you don't have any weaknesses, but you have to come up with something that seems like a weakness, but doesn't make you look bad. That sounds easier than it is. The best course of action is to admit to a weakness that is only tangential to the job you are interviewing for, and then explain what concrete actions you are taking to improve on it. 

And don't choose a weakness that masquerades as a strength, like saying that you're a "perfectionist" or that you "can't quit until you get the job done." Interviewers will rightly see this as a fake answer and an attempt to get out of answering the question. 

Question 2: What makes you a better fit than other candidates?

A specific answer is best here. If you can give an example of how you improved network performance and had 25 percent less downtime last quarter, that will go further than saying you will work harder than everyone else, for instance, which is vague and hard to substantiate. If you don't have any specific accomplishments to tie into the job requirements, you can tie your specific skills into the job requirements, using specific duties you had in another job, and possibly even using a few keywords from the job description. 

Woman shaking the hand of a man.

Question 3: Tell me a time you faced a challenge at work. How did you handle it?

This question is tricky because your answer will reveal what you consider to be a challenge as well as what you think an acceptable response to conflict and challenges is. You have undoubtedly faced many challenges at work, but choose one that can be clearly explained and shows you as being tough but fair. As with all interview questions, it's best to be as specific as you can in your answers. Specific answer help interviewers get a clearer picture of how you handle things and what your work habits are like. 

Question 4: Tell me about yourself.

The best answer to this question balances personal information with work accomplishments. If you go too far to one or the other, it won't sit right with the interviewer, and you will seem like either a person who gets too personal too quickly or someone who is too focused on work. You want to seem well-rounded, so try to meld the personal and professional and give the interview team a picture of your integrated self. 

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