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How Advertising Language Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

Apr 28 , 2016

Using Advertising techniques on your resume can make you stand out from the crowd.

The goal of sending or posting your resume is the same as the goal of advertising - to sell a commodity - yourself. Advertising has its own language and methods to make products attractive to consumers, and IT job seekers can use some of these methods to make their resumes stand out from the crowd and draw attention their way.

Creativity Pays Off

In advertising, creativity is huge. Nobody is going to look at an ad or watch a commercial that isn't creative in expressing why people should buy that product. In the same way, being creative with your resume can help you get a second look where others may not. In resumes, it's all about the words you use and how you choose to describe yourself and your skills.

Being Descriptive Is Key

When writing your resume and cover letter, don't use the same words everyone else is likely to use. Use your online thesaurus and come up with some especially descriptive words to describe your skills and talents. Instead of saying you are an "IT Technician," for example, you could describe yourself as a "Problem-solving IT Technician."

Your entire resume should feature heightened descriptiveness. For instance, your objective could read, "Glitch-finding IT Technician seeks to keep company technology running at peak performance." An objective like this is more likely to draw attention than the same old objective everyone else uses.

An advertising-influenced resume can be an effective tool in your job search arsenal.

Specific Descriptive Techniques to Include in an IT Resume

In advertising, as with all good writing, an active voice is much more attractive and effective. Instead of talking about how something "is" or "was" or "will be," use descriptive action verbs to anchor your sentences. "Create," "manage," and "grow" are much stronger than "is able to" or "has been responsible for," aren't they?

Using specific words over more general ones will also help your resume stand out. You didn't oversee programs, you supervised staff and resources. You didn't maintain a database, you optimized storage systems so they could run better. The more specific you can be about your experience and qualifications, the more a hiring manager will remember you and want to hear more in an interview.

Know and Target Your Audience

A resume needs to appeal to your audience to be effective. What makes a hiring manager or recruiter tick? What would make them want to call you? Put yourself in their shoes and tailor your resume to them for maximum effect. You may want to do some research on LinkedIn or online to see if you can find any way to appeal specifically to that company or individual.

Subtly Suggest Action

Another great advertising technique is to give your readers a call to action. Although on a resume this needs to be subtle, a call to action encourages your readers to act on what they are seeing. Prominently featuring your contact information and offering both phone and email options give you the best chance of contact.

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