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How IT Recruiters Market to Talent

May 18 , 2016

Attracting top IT talent is an intensive process.

Recruiting is moving more and more toward using technology to identify, screen and even interview job candidates. Software systems can perform these tasks so much faster than humans can, and with fewer mistakes, that it only makes sense for companies to move in this direction.

Technology-based solutions work well when candidates are plentiful and actively searching for jobs. When companies want to hire top talent whether or not that talent is actively searching for a new job, however, technology will not be the right tool for the job.

Recruiting In-Demand IT Talent

When going after top talent, the typical recruiting process is flipped upside down. Instead of screening dozens of resumes to try to find viable candidates, recruiters need to identify candidates who are usually well-employed and not actively looking for a new job, although they may be keeping one ear to the ground in case anything good comes along.

Where can recruiters find top talent? Social media profiles are one place to start. Another source: online or in-person conferences dedicated to the specialized skills needed or blog posts relevant to the skill set (look in comments). Another source for top talent is colleges that offer specialized IT degrees for the skills needed.

Skilled recruiters can even use corporate competitor websites to find names of those in similar positions to the one they are filling, then find those individuals on social media and reach out to them.

It may be easier to find top talent than to convince them to switch jobs.

Attracting Talent to Your Opportunity

Once you have sourced a few candidates for the position, you may think your work is done. There is far more to acquiring top IT talent, however, than simply finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. It is an equally arduous task to convince top talent that the opportunity you have for them is superior to what they've already got.

It takes some careful thought and research to both understand the candidate's needs or desires and to know your company well enough to make it sound attractive to top talent. The salary and benefits package, company perks, and the culture it offers must be not only superior to their current situation, but offer them something they can't get elsewhere.

Top IT talent is not going to make the jump to your company unless there are significant advantages for them to do so. Recruiters need to find out what makes the company special and what will get candidates interested enough in the opportunity to engage in the interview process.

Furthermore, companies that want to attract top talent would be wise to streamline the hiring process and make it easier to navigate. Top talent is not very patient because they don't have to be. When opportunities are plentiful, someone is bound to come along and make it easy for them to grab onto an opportunity. If your company makes the hiring process difficult, top talent is all too likely to move on to lower hanging fruit.

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