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How to Recruit Top Tech Talent in a Competitive Market

Dec 12 , 2018


The unemployment rate is lower than it has been for decades, but this isn't necessarily a good thing for employers looking for top tech talent. There was a shortage in some areas of the tech sector even before the economy revved up, so the tight labor market has only exacerbated the difficulties of tech recruiting.

Attracting Top Tech Talent

Average talent just wants a good job and may be attracted by any openings they are qualified for, if the salary and benefits seem fair. Top tech talent is different, however. The first step in attracting top tech talent is to understand what makes these candidates different from the average employee.

Top talent wants the better, if not best, opportunities that present themselves. They often have employers pursuing them. They may already be employed and still looking for something better. They have above average skills, and they know their value. They're not afraid to ask for what they really want, and they figure if they can't get it from you, they might get it from someone else.

Before you begin to think that you might not want such a picky, self-centered employee, you should also realize that top talent got that way by working a lot harder than the average employee. If you want that hard work to benefit your company, however, you may need to approach top tech talent a little bit differently than you would when seeking to hire an average employee.

To Get Top Talent, You Have to Sell

A good starting point for attracting top talent is to take a sales approach to recruiting. You want to show elite talent that your company stands out from the rest in a good way. Distinctives about your culture can be attractive to top talent. What makes your company better than the rest? What unique opportunities can you offer that other companies don't? 

Even more than salary, unique or flexible benefits are another excellent selling point for top talent. Sure, better employees want and deserve to make more money, but in most cases, what they really want is to be able to leave work to chaperone their child's field trip or have more stock options to further their investment goals. You may want to make it part of the conversation to find out what benefits are important to top talent, then work them into the job offer if at all possible. 

Selling involves negotiation. It's worth taking the time to negotiate a favorable offer if you want the benefits top talent brings to your company.    


Innovation Attracts Top Talent

Top tech talent will gravitate toward companies that are doing things better than others in the marketplace. If you want top talent, you need to show that your company can innovate and provide opportunities that others cannot. When you stand out from the crowd, you will naturally attract talent that does the same. 

GDH can help your company attract top talent by optimizing your tech recruiting process or becoming a recruiting partner with your company. Contact us for more information on all the tech recruiting services we offer.