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How to Rejoin the Workforce Like You Never Left

Jun 24 , 2015

If you have been out of the workforce for a while, going back can seem a bit intimidating. You aren't accustomed to going into an office or having to attend meetings. Then there are the butterflies that come with starting a new job. But by finding the right job, the transition can be relatively painless.

Rejoining the work world should be something you look forward to.

More Than a Job

Whether you took a break from work because you were laid off or because you were raising children, when you step back into the work world, you should be stepping into a career, not just another job. It is much easier to rejoin the workforce if you are excited about what you will be doing. As you job hunt, keep this in mind and apply to positions that you think will meet your needs, not just positions that will provide a paycheck.

Networking Benefits

Networking is a priceless way to find a career and a company that can work for you. Spend time chatting with people on different job platforms, review what employees have to say about their employers, and connect with people at companies that you would like to work for, even if they don't currently have a position open. This is particularly beneficial if you are still early in your job search. It gives you details you may not otherwise get by passively reading articles or company websites. The way employees talk about an employer can help you decide if you even want to apply with a particular company. Having one or two contacts within an industry or business can also help you land a job a lot faster than simply submitting countless applications through job boards.

Honesty Is Key

It is said that everyone lies on their resumes, but that is absolutely untrue. Keep your resume accurate, even if it raises questions. Employers will ask why there is a large gap in employment, so prepare an honest answer instead of trying to mask it. Give a short, concise answer and move on to something else so that neither you nor the potential employer dwell on the employment gap.
If you are really concerned about the amount of time it has been since you were last employed, take the time to do volunteer work. This will help show that you are still able to work within a team environment.

Mentally Preparing

Getting into a positive mind set a few days before you get started will help you mentally prepare for the shift back into the regular work world. This means starting your new schedule a little in advance of your start date, especially if you have been sleeping in. Drive to the new position once or twice to see how long it will take so that you aren't late those first few days. If you can start training your mind to think like you will on the average workday, it will be a lot easier to think of it as a regular part of your day instead of a major shift in your routine.

A new job should make you feel good about your situation.


Rejoining the workforce can be both challenging and rewarding. By selecting a position that you feel is right for you, you eliminate some of the hesitation of starting back to work. By staying honest and focusing on a positive outlook, an intimidating or anxiety-inducing situation can be exhilarating.

If you still feel at a loss or would like help getting started, you can join our talented network. We will help you find your footing and make the transition.