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Is It Necessary to Screen for Cultural Fit?

Apr 20 , 2018


The cultural fit of a job candidate is the extent to which their values, beliefs, outlook and behaviors match up with those of the company that seeks to hire them. The importance of a candidate's cultural fit has been debated by recruiting experts, who suggest that organizations benefit from a variety of diverse viewpoints and that cultural fit should not be an essential way to screen candidates.

On the other hand, it only makes sense that employees would want to work for an organization that shares their values and beliefs. They might leave a job where they don't feel they fit in and look elsewhere for a better match. So how necessary is cultural fit for candidate screening today?

Can a Cultural Mismatch Be Overcome?

Some of the naysayers who want to downplay cultural fit seem to have a point. After all, diversity has been shown to improve a team's job performance and have economic benefits for a company. If you don't hire anyone who provides a different viewpoint, how will you enjoy diversity's benefits?

But the benefits of hiring employees that are a closer cultural fit are also well documented. How can organizations reconcile these two differing realities? Or are they really differing realities after all?


A Culture of Embracing Differences

The answer to bridging the gap between cultural fit and a diverse workforce lies in making diversity a valued part of the company's culture. When companies refuse to hire cookie cutter employees that all have the same exact values and beliefs, openness and an attitude of embracing diversity become a part of their corporate culture. 

In this way, hiring candidates that don't necessarily align with an established corporate culture actually becomes a part of that culture. It helps to create a culture where differences are embraced and recognized as a source of new ideas and great value. 

When it comes to the work environment, diversity doesn't necessarily mean only race or gender, but can be diversity of work habits, of thought, or any number of other things that will impact organizational culture. Culture is always changing even when employers try to hire those with a perfect cultural fit, so it only makes sense to both reflect those changes in hiring and open the door to further changes by embracing diversity as a part of the culture.

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