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Keep Up with Competitors by Outsourcing Your Recruitment

May 25 , 2016

Outsourcing recruitment helps companies strengthen their staffing.

The second you turn your back on the competition, they advance and threaten to catch up with your company. It might happen in your product line, market share, or in your recruiting. So how do you stop your competition from getting ahead of you?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) gives you a partner in the recruiting process to help accentuate your strengths and prop up your weaknesses. RPO will help you keep up with the competition in more ways than one.

A Streamlined IT Recruitment Process

Small and medium-sized businesses need all their resources for growth and product development, but they can't excel at these things if they can't recruit talented workers effectively. IT personnel provide vital services that businesses need in order to build their foundation and grow their brand. RPO can be a helping hand for the IT recruiting businesses need.

RPO offers a streamlined recruiting process - one that can be used to handle the complex needs of IT recruiting, which can be specialized and difficult to understand. Finding the best IT talent for your business's needs can make or break your business, and it takes expertise to conduct IT recruiting successfully.

Using Technology For IT Recruiting

Recruitment experts use technology like application tracking software (ATS), social media and talent networks to source talent, including passive talent that may not even be looking for new opportunities actively. Businesses would have to spend a large amount of time and money replicating what RPO providers already have in place, ready to go.

Recruiting for IT positions is a difficult process, involving terminology and concepts unfamiliar to most professionals, even many CEOs. Your IT department head may have the knowledge to handle IT recruiting, but does he have the time? Chances are, an IT department that needs to hire is already short-handed and probably doesn't have the additional time needed to go through all the tasks needed for successful hiring.

Recruitment outsourcing can multiply your business's resources.

Saving Money Through Outsourcing

Although outsourcing may seem like an additional cost beyond the regular cost of doing business, it can actually save businesses money in several ways.

--RPO results in faster hires, so fewer man-hours are spent on the hiring process, resulting in a lower overall cost. RPO rates may also be lower than upper management hourly rates that would otherwise provide the time for hiring tasks.

--Using RPO can boost productivity when existing staff can focus on other important tasks. A faster hire also boosts productivity for the entire team as it solves their understaffing problems.

--With greater productivity comes increased income and profits for the business.

--When RPO results in better quality hires, retention rates will increase, which saves businesses a great deal of money that would have been spent on rehiring for the same position, onboarding, etc.

Turns out, RPO offers many benefits for companies who want a faster, streamlined, cost-effective hiring process. GDH Consulting offers RPO services for IT recruiting needs.

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