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Losing Control of Recruiting? RPO Can Help

Jun 22 , 2016

RPO can take some stress off company hiring staff or fill a temporary need.

Recruiting is a daunting task for many companies. Writing job descriptions, posting them in as many places as possible, sourcing through social media and website/email contacts, screening resumes, several rounds of interviewing, an outing to determine cultural fit, making an offer, negotiating and onboarding.

The Importance of Effective Recruiting

It's not unusual for a company to lose control of the recruiting process, or just some aspects of it, after struggling with it for a period of time. The bad thing about losing control of the recruiting process is that it can lead to poor hires. And if your hiring staff doesn't make good hires, it can set the whole company back.

It is essential for the hiring process to be as effective as possible in order for the company to meet its goals and objectives. Recruitment process outsourcing can not only handle some or all the steps of the hiring process with greater effectiveness, it can do so at a lower cost. If your company is growing too fast for it to keep up with hiring very well, RPO is made to be scalable, so it can ramp up quickly as more services are needed.

Instead of getting stressed out trying to do it all, why not get help from RPO?

It Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing

RPO is flexible. Once you identify the parts of the recruiting process your company isn't handling well, those aspects can be outsourced. Maybe your company does a good job with interviewing but needs help with finding better quality candidates. Maybe you have a great website and email list of potential candidates, but you need help screening resumes and with onboarding.

Although it does take some time to transition to outside recruitment services, it is worthwhile to spend the time to make sure the necessary information is passed along. The expertise a company will gain by outsourcing all or part of the hiring process to a recruitment company makes taking a little bit of time to get the RPO company up to speed a good investment.

Help With Handling Problems

One great thing about RPO is that when problems in the hiring process arise, you will have expert help in resolving things. Instead of having employees of your company spend their valuable time troubleshooting an iffy interview or starting over when an offer gets rejected, your RPO company can handle these time-consuming problems and allow your employees to keep doing the other important tasks that keep your company going.

Sometimes you just need some temporary help when unexpected things happen, or when you hire multiple new employees at once. RPO can meet your needs, whether they are temporary or longer term.

GDH offers help for any aspect of the recruitment process, whether it's a one-time need or a takeover of your company's entire hiring process from start to finish. Contact us to see how our RPO services can help your company.