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What is VUCA and How Can RPO Help You Deal With It? Oct 06

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. These 4 words define the current business atmosphere for many companies. The Great Recession of 2008 began a time period where the climate for many businesses has become vastly more unpredictable and difficult to navigate, and these conditions continue in many industries today.…

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Why Your IT Recruiting Needs to Be Mobile-Accessible Oct 04

 IT recruiting continually evolves in an effort to match IT professionals to open IT positions. One recent evolution involves the ongoing quest to make recruiting efforts mobile accessible.…

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How IT Recruiters Can Help "Sell" Top Talent on Your Company Sep 22

When trying to attract top talent, the hiring team becomes almost like a sales team. Having a job offer accepted is like closing a deal that can make your company a lot of money in the future. IT recruiters can help in this process.…

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The Connection Between Branding and IT Recruiting Sep 20

Attracting top talent has everything to do with your company's brand identity. The way your company is perceived by the public and within your area of expertise will impact IT recruiting efforts, and effective branding should be part of any recruiting strategy.…

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How the Tight Labor Market is Forcing Employers to Work Against the Clock Sep 12

According to former presidential economic advisor and Harvard professor Martin Feldstein on Fox News, the current labor market is tight and is expected to remain so in the near future. For tech companies and others looking to hire IT professionals, a tight labor market can lead to difficulties filling open positions with qualified candidates. Companies need to move fast in order to snag the kind of hires that can get the job done well and move the company forward. Adapting to a Tight Labor Market Many companies are taking steps to adapt to tighter market conditions and keep tech positions filled without driving salaries through the roof. Testing applicants for aptitude, then training...…

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7 Current RPO Trends You Need to Know Sep 12

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) handles part or all of the recruiting process for businesses that need or want help with their recruiting efforts. RPO has many benefits including speed, increased effectiveness and even cost savings over doing recruiting in-house. There are many facets to RPO, and companies can pick and choose just the parts that will benefit them most. Here are some current RPO trends to be aware of. 1. Analysis of Current Hiring Process Before you can improve your company's hiring process, it's important to analyze the current process, and new software can give RPO the means to analyze everything from how long it takes to complete a hire to where the hiccups are...…

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The 6 Biggest IT Job Search Distractions Aug 31

The IT job search process can be full of distractions, which can derail even the most focused job searcher. It's easy to become distracted from your job search, which for most people is unpleasant enough to begin with. Some people even look for distractions to avoid the negative feelings that come from a job search or to avoid the job search process itself. Here are some of the biggest IT job search distractions along with some tips for overcoming them. 1. Social Media Although social media can be helpful in a job search, it's easy to get in the habit of checking your news feed or messages too often. Many job seekers also spend more time surfing their friends' posts or other pages that...…

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Is There a Downside to Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Aug 31

Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, has a huge upside for companies that use it. RPO can help companies have a more efficient recruiting process, save money on their recruiting, and build their own talent pipeline, just for starters. But is there any downside to RPO? Fear of the Unknown Recruitment process outsourcing can be scary for some company executives and hiring staff who are used to handling their own recruitment efforts. It's difficult to know whether outsourcing will be effective and whether a recruitment company will do a good job handling their recruitment needs. Most people don't like to feel anxiety at work and will go to great lengths to avoid it. The best way to...…

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What Does an IT Recruiter Really Do? Aug 25

IT recruiting is about helping people and businesses. IT recruiters sometimes seem to have mysterious duties that many people wonder about and few understand. Somehow, IT recruiters get top quality applicants to want to work for your company - or at least if they're successful IT recruiters, they do. But how do they actually do it? What does the process of IT recruiting involve?IT Recruiters Make ConnectionsThere is a common misconception that recruiters sit in front of a computer with a phone every day, screening resumes with software and then cold-calling those that come up as options. While screening resumes can be one thing that IT recruiters do, and some amount of cold calling may be...…

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When You Need a Break From Your IT Job Search Aug 19

Conventional wisdom would tell you that taking a break from your job search has to be a bad idea. After all, what if the perfect job is posted and you miss it? How can you find a job if you aren't looking?All the same, there are some times when your best course of action is to take a break from the search. The biggest signal that you need a break is when you realize that you are experiencing high levels of stress. How Stress Impedes a Job SearchIt's difficult to approach a job search without stress. After all, not having a job is stressful for most people. When your stress levels get too high, however, you are likely to make mistakes that can cost you a potential job.People typically make...…

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