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How to Rejoin the Workforce Like You Never Left

Jun 24 , 2015
If you have been out of the workforce for a while, going back can seem a bit intimidating. You aren't accustomed to going into an office or having to attend meetings. Then there are the butterflies...
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IT Staffing: 5 Keys to Conducting a Productive Interview

Jun 17 , 2015
Interviewing potential applicants can be a time intensive and tiring process that leaves you wishing that the whole hiring thing was over and done. With the right interview questions, though, you can...
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Is Your Cover Letter Personalized Enough?

Jun 17 , 2015
To your delight, you see the perfect job description flash across the screen. You're instantly ready to respond and make the position yours. At this very juncture, it is best to stop, plant your feet...
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5 Tips for Discovering the Best Passive Job Candidates

Jun 10 , 2015
Passive job candidates need you to make them look. One survey found that about half of all employees are happy with their work and have no intention of leaving. Of the other half, only about 10% are...
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IT Resume Makeover: Top 4 Tips for Updating Your Resume

Jun 03 , 2015
Unless you've made contact at a job fair, your resume is probably your first chance to make an impression on a recruiter or hiring manager. If your resume doesn't show them that you're looking for...
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How to Hire a Top-Notch Developer

Jun 02 , 2015
Two decades ago it was difficult to find a web developer because there were so few. Now there are plenty of developers on the market, but finding a top-notch candidate remains a challenge,...
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Building Your IT Team: How Your Recruiter Should Help

May 11 , 2015
The economy is growing again, and IT recruiting has become more challenging. A report by Deloitte titled "Global Human Capital Trends 2014" stated that the battle for recruiting talent now takes...
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GDH Consultant Care Program

Apr 10 , 2015
The Consultant Care Program at GDH At GDH, we believe wholeheartedly that our Consultants are key to our success. For this reason, we have developed a Consultant Care Program over the past year.  Our...
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GDH Wins Inavero's Best of Staffing Awards

Feb 24 , 2015
GDH Consulting, Inc. WINS INAVERO’S 2015 BEST OF STAFFING® CLIENT AND TALENT AWARDS Satisfaction scores more than three times the industry average GDH Consulting, a leading employment agency in the...
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Top Tips for Working with a GDH Recruiter

Feb 23 , 2015
Top Tips for Working with a GDH Recruiter At GDH, we pride ourselves with being responsive and empathetic to our candidates. We know that a job search and career move is a big step. Here are a few...
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