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Should IT Recruiters Recruit on College Campuses?

May 18 , 2016

Recruiting efforts on college campuses are focused on relationships and offering opportunities.

Of course, most if not all IT recruiters have attended college and been trained in a variety of ways how to find the best IT job candidates for all kinds of IT positions. They may have been trained in the IT field themselves, or in human resources or even in sales. The question: should IT recruiters go to colleges to recruit for their open positions?

And the answer to the question: possibly.

College recruiting can be an effective tool in filling open positions with quality candidates, but it needs to be done in a certain way in order to be effective. College recruiting is part marketing, part making friends - and you have to know when to do what.

Getting In on the Ground Floor

Colleges are full of emerging talent, developing their skills and learning the very newest and most innovative techniques in their field. If you get in on the ground floor, you have a chance to grab some of this talent before it goes elsewhere - but only if you do it the right way.

The best IT talent knows its worth. Just as you are looking for the best new talent, that talent is looking for the best opportunities to build an impressive resume and connect with companies that might be future employers. Top IT talent will not be wooed easily. Recruiters need to have things to offer - things like internships, insider information, or an innovative way of doing things.

Recruiters have unique opportunities to develop relationships with future IT talent.

Developing Relationships With the Future

College recruiting is all about meeting talent and developing relationships. Sure, you can also connect on social media, but if you're not going to actually set foot on campus, you might as well not bother. With college recruiting, you get the opportunity to meet talent while it is developing. Through recruitment fairs and campus organization involvement, you will get face time with the very near future of IT and hopefully pique their interest in the company or companies you represent.

Branding to Attract Up-and-Coming Talent

Top talent doesn't want to submit the same old resumes to boring companies where they will be forced into a corporate mold of conformity. If you want to attract college talent, your branding should identify you as a hip and trendy place to work, with opportunities for growth and continued learning. From social media to the corporate website to business cards, each part of branding communicates something about a company's culture.

Not all top talent is looking to work for a big company with thousands of employees. Smaller companies have a lot to offer in terms of responsibilities and growth, and a good portion of top talent is seeking to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond rather than a small cog in a huge machine.

Colleges are an important part of any IT talent pool, if recruiters can take the time to develop in-person relationships that can then be nurtured through social media, interships, and eventually, employment. GDH Consulting values relationship-based recruiting. Contact us to see how we can help your company recruit top IT talent.