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The 6 Biggest Threats to Business Network Security Right Now

Mar 21 , 2018

Network security

Business network security has become one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. Cyber threats have grown exponentially, and many businesses have faced loss of customers and income because of successful attacks. Here are some of the biggest threats to business network security right now. 

1. Data breaches.

Cybercriminals know that if they can breach your network, they can get access to sensitive customer data. Data breaches are usually very costly because businesses lose public trust for a period and they also need to spend money fixing or changing their systems to avoid future breaches.

2. Malware attacks.

Malware is sometimes capable of rendering an entire network unless. Even if it only affects part of the system, time and productivity could be lost in trying to rid the system of the malware or replacing parts that are completely ruined. Malware can also be used to hold networks and data hostage, which requires paying a large ransom that may or may not help get hackers off your back.

3. Botnets.

These malware programs infect large numbers of computers and replicate themselves, taking over vulnerable systems in order to spread themselves over larger and larger areas. The only way to fight malicious botnets is to trace them back to the original C&C servers and change their programming so they disinfect themselves and then shut down. 

Network security

4. Disgruntled employees. 

Employees who had access to sensitive data and left on bad terms represent a threat to the company. Disgruntled former employees are more likely to use their knowledge in harmful ways, like stealing money or information or corrupting systems to hurt your business.

5. Outside network service providers.

Outside service providers are at least partial unknowns because they have their own encryption and security systems, which could be compromised in the same ways as those within your company. You don't have much control over the security of outside service providers, and if their systems go down, they could take yours with them.

6. B.Y.O.D.

Many companies are now allowing employees to bring (use) their own devices (BYOD) for work purposes, but if their work involves sensitive data or connects with the network in any way, BYOD may present an area of vulnerability that hackers can exploit. Having cloud-based systems that people can log into from their own devices can help to mitigate these risks by containing the work-related information and systems into a controllable part of the device and keeping work systems separate from personal. 

Network security can be complex and difficult to manage, but the professionals at GDH Consulting can help shore up your network with their expertise in IT security and their unique solutions geared to your exact business needs. Contact us for information on our IT security solutions that can protect your business from cyber attacks and keep it secure.