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Top IT Talent Job Search Techniques You Can Use

May 25 , 2016

Looking for a job the way top talent does may lead to more opportunities.

Top IT talent rarely needs to actively job search, since job opportunities frequently present themselves. Because they have in-demand skills employers can't readily find, they can approach a job search differently than other candidates. Even so, there are some techniques that active job seekers can copy in their own job searches, which may help them be more effective in finding a job.

Make Networking a Priority

One characteristic of top talent is constant networking. Top talent not only networks, it takes every possible opportunity to get to know others in their field at all levels and sustains the relationships over time. Some contacts may be upper-level management, and others may be entry level staff. Top talent gets to know everyone they can, and they show genuine interest in others.

For some top talent, networking comes naturally. For others, it is the result of effort on their part. Networking is important in today's IT marketplace, since many employers look to hire from referrals and existing contacts. It's impossible to know which of your contacts could be a referral source or lead to your next job, but it's probable that networking will have at least some part in the process.

Social media is a powerful way to connect with contacts and find out about job opportunities.

Go Beyond Job Boards

Top IT talent doesn't find job boards very useful in finding jobs, because the best IT jobs aren't always posted on job boards. Furthermore, many jobs that are posted online get inundated with resumes, making it more of a hassle to navigate the hiring process. Top talent doesn't deal with hassle because it wastes time and because top talent typically can find other, less painful avenues for searching.

You can look beyond job boards for IT job opportunities as well. Some other places to find jobs are on company websites, on social media, and by asking your contacts if they know about any opportunities. If you aren't active on social media, you should get active. Facebook and LinkedIn have subgroups you can belong to related to your particular skill set, which are rich sources of contacts and sometimes even have jobs posted to them.

Keep Your Skills Top-Notch

Top talent has something of value to offer employers. If your skills are not the best they could possibly be (and whose are), you should be doing something to improve yourself at all times, whether it's taking further coursework and certifications or attending continuing education training. Volunteer work, if it expands your experience or skills, can also be of benefit.

Seek Out a Top Recruiter

Another way to find quality jobs is to work with a recruiter. You can sometimes connect with recruiters on social media, and you can also contact recruiters directly or through their website to see if they have any interest in working with you. Many recruiters working with top talent are seeking to develop personal relationships with quality IT candidates to fill their many open positions.

GDH Consulting develops relationships with IT job seekers through its talent network and other avenues. Contact us for more information.