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The Past Two Years Were Weird - Here's How You Can Explain Employment Gaps

Dec 02 , 2021
An employment gap--a time during your work history when you were not employed--can be one of the most challenging hurdles in the interview process. Employment gaps used to be seen as a big problem...
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How to Develop an Effective Job Search Plan

Nov 17 , 2021
Like most things in the professional world, you have a greater chance of job search success with a plan. Full-fledged job searching isn't as simple any more as looking at job ads (postings) and...
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How to Write an Effective Thank You Letter After an Interview (with Examples)

Nov 02 , 2021
After an interview, you may feel relief that the "interrogation" is over and anxiety as you wait for the interview team to make a decision about whether to offer you a job. But even acing an...
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Figure Out Which Resume Format Works Best for You (with Examples)

Oct 04 , 2021
As a job seeker, you know that, in many cases, a resume is the main piece of information that prospective employers use to screen candidates and decide whether to move them forward in the hiring...
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How to Find an Employer That Shares Your Values

Sep 21 , 2021
Since their inception, most companies have developed values and a company culture that gives employees an impression about what they stand for, believe, and work toward. It is important for job...
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Building Real Relationships Through Virtual Networking

Apr 01 , 2021
While remote work is being encouraged or required right now due to the risk of spreading COVID-19, opportunities for networking are naturally more limited. Industry conferences that would normally...
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Your Guide to the "New Normal" Job Search

Oct 08 , 2020
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Who's Hiring During COVID-19?

Apr 28 , 2020
While the first several weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak saw nearly 17 million American workers apply for unemployment due to the shutdown of non-essential businesses in nearly all states, there are...
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Communicating Potential During the Hiring Process

Apr 01 , 2020
Like many job seekers, some of the most attractive jobs you may find in listings or on job boards are ones for which you almost, but don't quite, qualify. While there will be jobs that just aren't a...
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What Really Matters In Making a Good First Impression

Mar 09 , 2020
The conventional wisdom about good first impressions is that they are largely based on appearances. This is why you're supposed to wear a suit to an interview for even the most basic entry-level...
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