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Should You Include Buzzwords on Your Resume?

Oct 31 , 2018
Buzzwords are keywords and phrases that, if used well, will quickly make your resume stand out from others and show that you are qualified for a given job. Using the right buzzwords can add value to...
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7 Tips for Staying Up-to-Date with Your IT Skills

Sep 10 , 2018
The fields of IT and computer science are constantly evolving. As an IT professional, it's essential to keep your skills up-to-date to keep up with industry standards. Here are some of the best ways...
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Did Your Interview Go Well? Here's How to Tell

Jun 21 , 2018
It's always a great thing when your job application results in an interview opportunity, but how do you know when the interview went well and may even lead to further meetings or a job offer? 
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7 Skills That Add Value to Your Tech Resume

Jun 05 , 2018
There may be tons of tech job openings in today's marketplace and even talent shortages in some areas like cyber security; however, you still need a top-notch resume that showcases the skills...
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Retaining engineers in “non-hip” industrial or manufacturing environments

Dec 13 , 2017
Life can be hard for an engineer. While some of their peers head off to work in an exciting, creative space, others might find a great-paying, meaningful job with excellent benefits in a...
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Is the Private Cloud Really Dying?

Oct 30 , 2017
In August of this year, Amazon’s AWS enjoyed a healthy $2.88 billion in revenue. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud offering, brought in $800 million.
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Here's What IT Job Candidates are Really Looking For

Oct 27 , 2017
The coming year is already starting to shape up for IT recruitment and hiring. Some trends are starting to fizzle out and new ones are on the rise. It’s all part of an industry that’s starting to...
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3 Reasons Your Interviews Flop and What to Do About It

Oct 25 , 2017
Are you tired of too many candidates rejecting job offers and running for the door? Do you learn very little about them from an interview that you couldn't have learned from their resume? Is new hire...
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5 Network Security Best Practices and How Professional Services Can Help

Jul 10 , 2017
With malware and hacks becoming larger threats, businesses must stay hyper-vigilant about network security. Data breaches and other network security threats hit the headlines with an increasing...
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How to Turn a Rejected Job Offer Into a Hiring Plus

May 25 , 2017
In every hiring manager’s life, a sad little rain must fall. But if you capture it, you can water the garden of candidates to help it bear more happy fruit in the future. 
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