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Which is Better: An Active or Passive Candidate?

May 09 , 2017
Active job candidates are engaged in the hunt. Passive candidates are probably not looking at all. That should mean that you’d have better luck pursuing active candidates to fill open positions, but...
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If You Want a New Engineering Job, Try These 4 Cities

Apr 24 , 2017
Industries tend to gravitate toward and settle into certain parts of the country. Detroit is known for vehicles. Pittsburgh has its steel. As for STEM workers, specifically engineers, the U.S. has...
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Want the best IT Job? Work with a Top IT Recruiter

Apr 03 , 2017
Do you want a recruiter or a super IT recruiter? If you’re in the market for your next IT job, a generalist might not be the best choice. Because IT isn’t one thing, but many things, recruiters need...
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IT Job Seekers Look Out: Pay in These 10 Cities Lags Behind

Mar 27 , 2017
Tired of chasing a great paycheck that's always out of reach? The city where you live and work partly determines whether your compensation is competitive or if it lags behind. A new study by Paysa...
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4 LinkedIn Practices that Help the Best IT Jobs Find You

Mar 20 , 2017
Are you maximizing LinkedIn to help the best IT jobs find you? At its least, LinkedIn is a social platform that explains who you are and what you do for a living. At its best, it’s a dynamic, virtual...
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4 Reasons an IT Job Search is Never Really Over

Mar 13 , 2017
These days, you're more likely to find a forever car than a forever IT job. In fact, many people in the workforce today have only heard about lifetime careers as a musing or fun historical fact. It...
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Why are You Looking for a New IT Job?

Mar 06 , 2017
Few events can give you a bigger case of nerves than an IT job interview. You'll wonder what to wear, worry about arriving on time and brace yourself for one of the trickiest questions of all: "Why...
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Getting Your Job Search Back on Track

Feb 03 , 2017
So you wake up one day and realize that your IT job search has gone off the rails. Maybe you botched an interview, or you torched your relationship with your former boss, who is now bashing you when...
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Expert Interview Series: Mark Anthony Dyson  of The Voice of Job Seekers on How to Land a Job in IT

Jan 18 , 2017
Mark Dyson is the founder of the award-winning blog and podcast, "The Voice of Job Seekers." We recently checked in with him to get his insight on job seeking in the tech industry. Here's what Mark...
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How IT Recruiting Differs From a Staffing Agency

Jan 04 , 2017
It is a common perception that IT recruiting firms are little more than glorified staffing agencies, leading many IT professionals and companies to steer clear of them, but an IT recruiting firm can...
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