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8 Jobs You Wouldn't Suspect Were in Information Technology

Dec 29 , 2016
When you search for an IT job, chances are you run into a lot of open positions for network administrators, security specialists and software developers. These are expected positions in the IT field,...
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IT Job Search Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Dec 12 , 2016
You may think you know all the ins and outs of conducting an IT job search, including what to do and what not to do. But certain actions can derail the recruiting process, and it isn't always what...
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How to Impress a Recruiter

Dec 05 , 2016
A recruiter with a favorable impression of you is more likely to contact you and present your name to employers for open positions. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to know how to make a favorable...
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7 IT Jobs in High Demand and How to Get Them

Dec 02 , 2016
It may not seem like there are job shortages in the IT field when you are looking for an IT job, but some IT positions are currently in high demand with employers actively looking for quality...
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The Best Way to Get More Interviews

Nov 21 , 2016
An IT job search can be frustrating at times - putting in application after application without much of a response. Making follow-up phone calls is essential, as is having the best possible resume...
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Understanding IT Certifications and Their Impact on Hiring

Nov 17 , 2016
Spend enough time looking for an IT job, and you will start to hear about IT certifications. Certifications are obtained along with or in addition to an IT degree. There are dozens if not hundreds of...
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Expert Interview Series: Debra Wheatman of Careers Done Write on Building Your Personal Brand

Nov 08 , 2016
Debra Wheatman, CPRW, CPCC, is a marketing and branding expert who has been featured in print and on television regarding career planning topics. She has worked with thousands of professionals to...
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How to Build a Recruiting Relationship

Oct 27 , 2016
Recruiters are always looking to build relationships with job seekers in hopes of matching them with job openings they are looking to fill. One important step to take as an IT job seeker is to build...
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6 Ways to Maximize the Odds of a Successful IT Job Search

Oct 17 , 2016
When job search frustration sets in, it's easy for a job seeker's outlook to quickly turn negative. Why won't anyone call me for an interview? Aren't there any jobs out there? Will I be looking for a...
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Getting the CFO on Board with IT Recruiting Efforts

Oct 14 , 2016
One obstacle to using an IT recruiter is the CFO, who may be skeptical about spending money on recruiting. Fortunately, recruiting done right will save the company money in both the short and long...
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