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7 Things Every HR Pro Needs to Know About Boolean Search Jul 21

With employers in hot competition for the top talent and fewer applications coming in per requisition, it's time to revisit a tool that might not have seemed imperative just a few short years ago: Boolean search. …

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Professional Services Gives You a Competitive Advantage: Here's How Jul 18

What does a major corporation have that you don’t? Resources, for one. But you don’t need a multi-department organization and dozens of full-time permanent employees on staff in order to reach for the stars. All that you need are the right people at the right time for the work at hand. …

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What are You Doing to Keep the Talent You've Got? Jul 14

After spending the time and resources to land a great hire, the last thing you want is an unnecessary spin around the mouse wheel and another space on the team to fill. People abandon ship when they’re not satisfied. Sometimes, they leave for no reason besides an interesting opportunity somewhere else. Engagement is at least part of the glue that holds teams together.…

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Talent Acquisition for Remote Employees: What Works Best? Jul 12

Hiring remote employees isn’t as unusual as it once was. Now, it’s almost commonplace. WordPress just closed a major office because so many workers prefer telecommuting to a brick-and-mortar office. And what if the expert that you need for a project isn’t in the same town, state or even hemisphere as your location?…

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4 Must-Have Elements of a Killer Job Posting Description Jul 05

Are your job descriptions bland or stuck in another decade? Do they get the point across but lack any sort of appeal to stand out from your competition? Have you hired a new person, then learned in days or weeks that they aren’t a good fit for the company? Your job ads could be to blame. Fortunately, there’s a cure.…

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What's New in Artificial Intelligence for Talent Acquisition? Jun 27

Unlike the fears of last century, artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily take jobs. When it’s the right fit, it helps businesses work better. For recruiters and HR professionals, AI improves processes so people can focus on tasks that require a human touch. Even better, the technology is experiencing a boom. …

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Need Project Management Expertise? Professional Services Come Through Jun 19

Knowing the result that you want and having the time and resources to manage a project are sometimes two very different things. When you outsource the job through a professional services vendor, you save time, maintain a consistently high quality of work and oftentimes save money.…

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Should HR and Recruitment Pros Blog if They Can't Commit? Jun 09

A blog is one of the most important elements of content marketing, which can drive more job candidates (and better ones) into your talent acquisition funnel. But blogging is much more than pulling together a post whenever you get a chance. Done well, it takes careful planning, a good understanding of your target audience and a commitment to stick to a schedule. If it’s not taken seriously, it could have the opposite effect. …

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Expert Interview Series: Chris Humphrey of Jobs On Toast About How PhD Holders Can Find and Secure an IT Job May 25

Dr. Chris Humphrey, who holds a PhD in Medieval Studies, left academia to pursue a career in business, technology, and consulting.  He is the founder of careers website Jobs on Toast, which aims to help career academics find fulfilling occupations for the next stages of their lives. We recently sat down with Chris to pick his brain about the innate advantages of PhD holders in the job marketplace, and to learn how these individuals can better market themselves to potential employers in the IT and tech industries.…

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4 Proven Ways to Improve Your Career and Hiring Site May 22

Nowadays, hiring is all about the candidate experience. Outdated and clumsy career sites need a makeover or else they risk turning off the top candidates they want to attract.  If your career site hasn’t been improved in the past few years, or worse—if you’re not really sure what the candidate experience is like, it’s time to take a closer look. Here are 4 ways you can make it resonate with a diverse and evolving workforce.…

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