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What Top Candidates Want from Employers

Apr 09 , 2018


You may know what you want from your new employees, but do you know what top candidates are looking for in an employer? In today's recruiting environment, it's important to know as much as you can about what top candidates want from their employers. 

A Positive Reputation and Culture

Given a choice, everyone wants to work for a company that is well-regarded and has a good reputation in its industry. Additionally, the company's culture may be one of the biggest selling features for recruiting if it is positive, engaging and welcoming to new employees. 

A Challenging Work Environment

Top candidates will not stay in a position for very long unless it is interesting and challenging for them. For some positions, this could mean problems to solve or progressively higher quotas, while for others it could mean changing up day-to-day responsibilities so they're not doing the same thing every day.

Room to Grow

Giving employees room to grow is important because it will show them that they have a future with the company and that the employer has plans for their development at the company. Top talent is continually looking for ways to grow and develop their skills further and will be looking for growth and development to be mentioned in the interview process.


Work-Life Balance

Top candidates are typically passionate, both for their work and for their lives outside of work. If employers want workers that will give their all during work hours, they can't expect them to be on call or working all the time. Sometimes work-life balance means strictly delineated off-hours, while other times it means flexibility and the ability to work from home as long as the job gets done. 

The main idea behind work-life balance is working out an arrangement that allows top candidates to meet all of their goals for life. At times, job-sharing arrangements or working more hours for fewer days can be an option that makes your company attractive to candidates looking to balance family with work or arrange a more favorable schedule for themselves. 

What About Salary and Benefits? 

Compensation is an important part of attracting top talent. It's essential that your compensation package be competitive. But top talent will often consider factors like challenge, growth, and balance over a slightly higher salary and benefits package, so offering the highest salary is not necessarily the best option if you have the other things going for you. 

Employers that know how to attract top talent can expect higher productivity, more profitability, and less turnover, so it's worthwhile to do what it takes to hire top candidates and be willing to invest in the best. GDH offers recruiting services that can take the guesswork out of hiring top as well as free up managers to be more productive. Contact us for more information about how we can help you with hiring.