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3 Reasons You Need RPO to Eliminate Hiring Bias

Jul 26 , 2021
RPO Diversity in the workplace isn't just a good idea, it's smart business. The more diverse the employee base, the broader the scope of talent, insight, and proficiency. Unfortunately, unconscious biases can intervene before the best candidates get a shot at a job opening. Other candidates might gain an inside track, even though their talents don't shine as brightly.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the answer. It helps eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process for a more diverse workforce. Here's why it matters and how your business stands to benefit.

#1: Everyone Has Unconscious Biases That Affect Decision-Making

Biases get a bad rap. Everyone has them. Certainly, some are notorious. But for the most part, a bias is just a collection of experiences that help shape the way we make decisions. The problem happens when biases interfere with facts.

Psychology Today explains:
"Psychologists once believed that only bigoted people used stereotypes. Now the study of unconscious bias is revealing the unsettling truth: We all use stereotypes, all the time, without knowing it."
Bias can be blatant, but more often they're subtle and unintentional. For example, a hiring manager might gravitate toward male or female job candidates without recognizing the preference. And the preference might only exist because they've worked primarily with men or women in the past. Technology can level the playing field.

RPO #2: RPO Uses Bias-Thwarting Technology

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is designed to acquire the best candidate for any job, regardless of the applicant's age, gender or any inherent characteristic. Artificial Intelligence helps pave the way.

AI isn't like you've seen in the movies. In practice, artificial intelligence performs critical, intelligent candidate screening and job-matching tasks quickly using pre-selected criteria. You wouldn't ask for a certain candidate based on their gender or racial background. Using RPO that employs artificial intelligence technology, those factors never come into play.

Recruiterbox agrees that a collaborative hiring approach leads to better candidates. It "helps people to check their biases and uncover blind spots." So working together with an RPO expert gets better results now and in the long run.

What can it defeat? Recruiterbox says it's these issues and more:
  • Confirmation bias: looking only for like-minded candidates
  • Ingroup bias: favoring people in the same group
  • Projection bias: believing that everyone shares the same views
  • Selective perception: ignoring information that opposes ingrained beliefs
  • Status quo bias: avoiding anything that rocks the boat

#3: Sourcing and Hiring Technology Supports a Stronger Hiring Process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing offers a suite of services, each one designed to hire the best person, the right fit, for the job. The only factors that matter are the ones that make a great overall candidate.

RPO offers:
  • Job candidate sourcing
  • Pre-screening
  • Job interviews
  • Candidate skill assessments
  • Pre-hire reference checks
  • Candidate onboarding

When an employer receives a candidate from their RPO partner, the candidate is ready for hire. Most or all of the legwork complete. The final decision rests with the in-house hiring team. But with company biases eliminated, there's a much better chance of hiring a person who will complement the team in the most important ways.

RPO makes sourcing and hiring a much more efficient operation. It lifts the time-consuming work of finding the right candidate so all that's left is a final decision.

It's scalable, which means you get the same benefits if you need one new employee or 20. And because it uses clear sourcing and screening parameters, you don't have to worry about hiring a person for all the wrong reasons.

Work with an RPO partner and watch your team get stronger and more robust with every new hire. Contact us today and learn how.