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5 Benefits of Using an IT Recruiter

Oct 14 , 2015

A recruiter can help you stand out from the crowd.

In the IT field, it can be difficult to find just the right job to use your mix of skills and experience. Chances are, the job is out there, but whether or not you can find it without some help is very much in question. Using a recruiter can be beneficial in finding just what you are looking for. Here are five benefits to using a recruiter in your IT job search.

1. Recruiters are motivated to fill positions.

A recruiter doesn't get paid until the position is filled successfully, so a high level of motivation exists to match you up with one of the open IT positions they have been hired to fill. Also, recruiters will work to coach and prepare you for all aspects of the hiring process, because your success is their success. Using a recruiter is a great way to learn the background information you need to know about the employer as well as the kind of cultural fit they are looking for.

2. You will be in a smaller applicant pool.

When a recruiter matches you up to a job (or jobs) that are seeking your qualifications, you will be in a smaller applicant pool than if you applied for an IT job just from an ad or job board. When the recruiter selects you and maybe a few others, you have passed the first hurdle. The employer knows you are qualified and can then evaluate your soft skills like how you relate to people, flexibility, etc.

3. The recruiter will promote you to the hiring employer.

Once you have convinced the recruiter that you are a good candidate, the recruiter will be your cheerleader to the employer and help to explain why you are the right person for the job. This is a significant advantage over going into an interview cold. Although ultimately employers make their own decisions, it is a definite advantage to have the recruiter recommending you for the IT position.

Help from a recruiter could be what you need to land your next IT job.

4. Recruiters are well connected.

It is part of a recruiter's job to have lots of contacts in the IT field, and they can put those connections to good use searching out open positions you may be qualified for. Recruiters often have inside knowledge about positions that have not been posted or advertised, so you would not even know about those positions unless you had a contact at the company yourself. This knowledge of the hidden job market is one of the biggest advantages of working with a recruiter.

5. Recruiters offer help with job hunting and career guidance.

When you conduct a job search on your own, you can get off track and begin to miss the forest for the trees. There are many aspects to a job search, from the psychological (self-doubt, depression over losing a job) to the practical (how to write a killer resume, what to wear to an interview). Part of the recruiter's job is to make sure everything works together for your benefit throughout the hiring process. If something is off in your process, a recruiter can help you identify and correct it so that it doesn't hurt your prospects.

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