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5 Reasons You Need IT Recruiting Services

Mar 17 , 2016

IT recruiting services can help you recruit higher caliber talent to your company.

Using recruiting services as part of the IT hiring process has almost become a given for companies over the past few years, and it's not hard to see why. Many employers are now sold on the benefits of using recruiters after seeing how IT recruiting services have improved the hiring process for their businesses. Here are some of the many reasons your company needs IT recruiting services no matter its size.

1. To attract better quality candidates.

A good recruiter will have contacts all over the U.S. and even overseas, with profiles and information at their fingertips instantly. Some of these contacts will be active job seekers, but many will be currently employed with some level of openness to changing jobs if the right opportunity presents itself. With a broader talent pool from which to draw, the quality of candidates recruiters can find should be higher than from a localized search limited to candidates actively searching for jobs.

2. To save time/labor.

Hiring managers often have a lot on their plate. A hiring manager can be the head of the IT department with hiring as one of many responsibilities, leaving little time to devote to a talent search. On the other hand, a hiring manager could be responsible for hiring throughout the entire company, with little or no understanding of the unique needs an IT department can have.

In both of these cases, recruiting services can fill in the gaps that the hiring manager is ill-equipped to handle, which will help the hiring process to be smoother and easier for everyone affected.

3. To better understand IT hiring best practices.

IT recruiters spend all of their time developing the best possible ways to hire IT personnel. Most recruiters only get paid if they make a quality hire, so they are highly motivated to fill open IT positions. Although the company benefits greatly by making good IT hires, the same motivation and expertise are not likely to be found there.

Recruiting services may cost your company money, but they can bring great value to your hiring process.

4. For an objective perspective.

Company politics and insider knowledge can blind hiring managers to a broader perspective that may yield higher quality hires. A recruiter can give an accurate picture of the talent available in the general market so that candidates can be compared with internal talent or locally available candidates. Using recruiting services can also help companies to sharpen their messaging and understand how they might be coming across to potential job seekers.

5. Because professional recruiting works.

Josh Bersin of Forbes magazine calls companies providing recruiting services "sophisticated, technology-enabled business service companies, many of which can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your organization." In order to compete with tools like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and even Facebook for top notch talent, companies need professional recruiting services. IT recruiting involves many complex tasks, and it is unlikely that company resources will be able to cover them all without any help from the outside.

GDH Consulting provides a variety of professional IT recruiting services to help your company find the best possible talent to fill your open IT positions. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you on your hiring needs.