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5 Tips for Hiring the Right IT Professional

Jun 25 , 2018

Man holding a tablet in a computer server room.

IT professionals are vital to nearly all businesses now; they are responsible for a company's computer networks, servers, and other computer systems. Hiring the right IT personnel is essential to a company's computer security and basic functioning. Here are some tips to ensure you hire the best candidate when you have an open IT position. 

1. Seek a mix of skills and experience.

Of course, you need to hire someone who has the skills to do the job, but skills alone don't show that someone can actually do the job in reality or that they will be a good employee. Someone with experience handling similar situations to your company's has shown that they can apply their skills in practical ways and get the job done.

2. Know what certifications signify.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different IT certifications professionals can earn, and each one demonstrates different skills (with some overlap). A hiring team should know what each certification means and what skills are covered. Some certifications also require a certain amount of experience and candidates who have these certifications may meet your company's requirements more fully. 

Woman sitting at her desk with desktop computer smiling.

3. Don't skip the background check.

An IT professional will have access to sensitive company data. A background check is necessary to show that the new hire has a clean record and hasn't taken advantage of their access to other companies' sensitive data in the past. While a background check isn't foolproof—an employee could still make a foolish decision for the first time—you really don't want to hire someone without a clean record, do you?

4. Get input from the team.

The team that will work with the new IT employee should have a chance to meet candidates and give their input on which one they want to work with. In many cases, current team members will have insights and perspectives that will improve hiring decisions, and it will also give them a time to voice concerns or ask their own questions of candidates to assess their potential fit and readiness for the job.

5. Get help from experts.

Many hiring teams don't have the expertise necessary to make the best possible IT hire because they don't fully understand the scope of the job or the specific IT skills and qualifications needed. Getting recruiting help may be the best way to handle IT hiring and ensure that you end up with the workers you truly need. 

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