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5 Ways Recruitment Process Outsourcing Adds Value to Your Business

May 12 , 2016

The hiring process is complex, with many steps that take significant time and expertise to navigate. Hiring requires both identifying and attracting candidates that have highly specialized skills as well as soft skills like team management and collaboration skills. Some companies are well equipped to handle all aspects of the hiring process internally, but many have trouble handling everything without hiring personnel shortchanging other aspects of their jobs.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) allows companies to hire help for one or more aspects of the hiring process. Here are some ways RPO can add value to your business.

1. RPO compensates for your business's hiring weaknesses.

Chances are your business handles some aspects of the hiring process better than others. Maybe your HR department has onboarding down to a science, but needs help sourcing top talent to fill positions. Maybe skills assessments are a strength, while wading through piles of resumes to find the gems just isn't something hiring staff have the time to do. RPO gives help only where it is needed, so that your business's entire recruiting and hiring process is the best that it can possibly be.

2. RPO speeds up the hiring process.

By outsourcing part of all of your recruitment process, you can make faster hires and get your needs met sooner. No more delays while your staff try to compensate for a lack of personnel, and no more wondering if something better would have come along next week or next month. RPO finds the best possible candidates in the shortest possible time.

RPO can be part of a comprehensive hiring strategy.

3. RPO saves your business money.

RPO saves businesses money in multiple ways. First, anything that takes less time will also take less money, since the business is paying someone (or multiple someones) for time spent working on the hiring process. If RPO can achieve hiring goals in less time, it will cost less money. Second, a better quality hire will save thousands of dollars in training time, fewer on-the-job mistakes, and not having to go through the hiring process again when the hire doesn't work out the first time.

4. RPO injects objectivity into the hiring process.

Sometimes a business can become myopic about their strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Outsourcing the recruiting process can provide an objective viewpoint that can help the business better understand its culture, needs, and values going forward. Businesses all need objective assessments from time to time, and this objectivity is part of the RPO process.

5. GDH RPO provides expertise in recruiting.

GDH has this expertise in specific skills as well as all the other recruitment processes like sourcing, screening, and interviewing needed for successful talent acquisition. If you wonder whether your hiring staff lacks the skills needed to make successful hires, GDH can help bridge that knowledge gap.

Interested in learning more about how RPO could work for you? Request a free consultation from our experts today.