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6 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your IT Recruiter

Oct 21 , 2015

Using phone calls judiciously will keep you on your recruiter's good side.

Communicating with your IT recruiter may not be as easy as it seems. Should you call in every day or every week? What kind and how much information should you give? When you have questions, should you contact the recruiter by email or pick up the phone? How much contact is too much? Here are some tips for effective communication with your recruiter while searching for your next IT job.

1. Approach the recruiter through social media.

Many recruiters are now engaging in what's called "relationship recruiting" or "talent pipelining." They are active on social media, looking to connect with potential job candidates, even if they don't have the exact job yet. Connecting through social media, look for common interests or other ways to connect. Be professional, but also friendly and authentic. And limit your connection to one social media site - if you start popping up everywhere, it can turn recruiters off.

2. Balance your enthusiasm.

If you've ever had someone come on too strong, you know that it is usually annoying and a turn-off. Don't comment on every social media post, don't show up to the IT recruiter's office unannounced, and don't call the recruiter unless you have a legitimate reason, or more often than the agreed-upon time frame for follow-up. You need to find ways to be enthusiastic without crossing that line into annoying the recruiter.

3. If you don't know, ask.

There are bound to be times when you don't know exactly what the protocol is. Is a week too long to wait before following up? Should you expect the recruiter to communicate regularly? What format does the recruiter want your resume and cover letter sent in? Asking questions in situations like these ensures you won't make communication gaffes and helps everyone know what to expect.

Social media and mobile recruiting have made recruiters' jobs both harder and easier.

4. Be brief and to the point.

IT recruiters are busy. They deal with dozens of people every day, and as with everyone, time is money for them. If you do have questions or need to contact them outside of a short social media post, keep it short and stay on point. This will please the recruiter and not lead them to want to avoid you in the future to save time.

5. Follow Directions.

There aren't many worse pet peeves for hiring managers and recruiters than applicants that don't follow directions. Not doing so may lead IT recruiters to toss your resume straight onto the reject pile or decide you aren't a good candidate for a job, even if you meet the qualifications.

6. Don't just take; give, too.

According to communications manager Robyn Melhuish of, it's a good idea to send useful articles to recruiters, share their social media posts, and offer referrals for jobs you may not qualify for. In this way, you show that you have something to offer the recruiter, and they will look forward to your contact even more. "A relationship is a two-way street," Melhuish points out. "It's not always about you."

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