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7 Things You Won't Have to Do If You Work With an IT Recruiter

Dec 09 , 2015

If you are on the fence about using an IT recruitment agency to handle your staffing needs, it may be time to hop off and put your feet firmly on the ground. Here's why.

Much like the difference between buying a suit off the rack and having a tailor custom-make your clothing, IT recruiters provide access to candidates that are custom-fit for your specific requirements. Better yet, they manage this feat while handling the more annoying parts of the hiring and onboarding process for you. Want some examples? Here's a short list of hiring issues you won't have to handle when you work with an IT recruiter.

1) You won't have to deal with translating tech-speak.

While your in-house HR team likely does a stellar job of recruiting applicants for your general work population, IT recruiting is another matter altogether. The qualifications, educational requirements, certifications, and highly specialized job skills needed for IT personnel often read like Greek to HR staff without an IT background.

By contrast, working with an agency that specializes in handling IT recruitment ensures that your particular requirements will be met. Fluent in tech-speak, IT recruiters understand the credentials that are essential to IT staffing.

2) You won't have to carve out time to perform a lengthy candidate search.

Because agencies that specialize in IT recruitment maintain robust network connections, it is likely that utilizing their services will shorten the search time considerably.

However, even if it takes some time to find your perfect fit, the advantage of working with an IT recruiter is that the recruiter is the one spending additional time on the search not you.

Save yourself from having to handle all this.

3) You won't have to make that awkward cold call to candidates who are not actively seeking employment.

Many of the best and brightest prospective candidates to fill your position are already employed elsewhere. An IT recruiter knows the industry, and knows the big players in it. An understanding of competitors' compensation packages and company cultures enables your IT recruiter to zero in on candidates that may be enticed by the position you are offering.

4) You won't have to wade through an ocean of resumes.

It is rare to find someone who lives to read hundreds of resumes in search of a viable candidate. IT recruiters have screening tools at their disposal that whittle down the mountain of resumes to a manageable amount. The time saved with this process is time you can spend on genuine revenue-generating activities.

5) You won't have to field questions from job applicants all day.

Recruiters live to answer the questions of job applicants for you. They coach and prepare candidates for their interviews. They do the research that narrows the field to a handful of viable candidates. They establish a rapport both with you and with candidates. They are the grease that smooths the wheels of your hiring process.

6) You won't have to worry about compliance issues in your hiring practices.

Professional IT recruiters have a comprehensive understanding of the legalities of hiring job applicants. They ensure that your hiring practices are compliant with all state and federal mandates, contributing to your overall risk management strategies.

7) You won't have to sit through pointless interviews.

IT recruiters will work with you closely to reduce the time you have to personally spend with potential candidates. They respect your time, and work to ensure that it is not wasted on useless interviews. Providing recommendations for just a small pool of the best applicants, recruiters ensure that any interviews in which you will take an active part are conducted with candidates that are most likely to result in a hire.

Using a professional IT recruiting agency guarantees productive interviews.

There are, of course, other benefits that IT recruitment agencies can offer to ease your hiring processes considerably. Working with an IT recruiter is, for the most part, a turn-key experience. Once you provide a recruiter with your specific requirements, you can step back and let that recruiter do the heavy lifting for you. At the end of the day, you will appreciate the help.

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