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8 Best IT Job Opportunities for 2016

Dec 16 , 2015

2016 will bring many different opportunities in the IT field.

When considering how to approach a job search, it helps to know what kinds of IT jobs will be in demand in the coming year. Here are a handful of ideas to get job seekers planning and positioning themselves in the best possible way.

1. Database Management

The growth of mobile payment methods and advances in social media have turned huge databases into truly massive ones. Engineers who can handle the transition from big data to even bigger data will be in demand at credit card and retail companies as well as internet-based giants (think Amazon and eBay).

2. Cyber Security

Signs of increasing cyber-attacks by political entities as well as other cyber-criminals are on the rise, putting companies' secure data at risk as more and more people discover how easy it is to use mobile devices to pay for purchases. Those with the ability to keep up with security threats and combat them will find their job prospects rosy this year.

3. Systems Analyst

Network systems are the foundation upon which businesses build, according to Tech Republic. Keeping company networks operational and running as efficiently as possible is a top priority, and systems analysts are needed to make this happen.

4. Data Analyst

A related function to systems analysts, data analysts handle the data side of a company's systems, including analytics. Data analysis positions are a growing sector of IT jobs because of the way data is expanding and growing for many companies.

5. Project Manager

There is a constant need for good IT project managers due to the fact that it's a complex and demanding position. Not only do you need diverse IT skills and understanding in multiple areas, but you also need the ability to manage people well and keep many balls in the air without dropping any.

It's good to know what positions are in high demand when looking for IT jobs.

6. Revenue Cycle Analyst

In the health IT field, managing revenue cycles is important, but not always easy to do. Someone who can use data and systems to maximize the profit of a healthcare practice will be a valued team member.

7. Business Intelligence Specialist

Taking data analysis a step further, business intelligence specialists make sure that data collection and analytics complies with rules and regulations, as well as develop systems for doing so. Business intelligence also involves studying competitor data as well as industry trends to figure out where the company stands in the industry, where they might improve and where costs can be reduced.

8. Programmer/Software Engineer

Demand for programmers and software engineers is expected to grow 22% by 2022, as opposed to only 10% growth in other industries. Companies will always need competent programmers to supply them with the software they need to conduct their business, and the more technology advances, the more valuable customized solutions will become. IT will never be a one-size-fits-all field.

GDH Consulting encourages you to join our talent network to be considered for various IT job opportunities now and into 2016.