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8 Jobs You Wouldn't Suspect Were in Information Technology

Dec 29 , 2016
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When you search for an IT job, chances are you run into a lot of open positions for network administrators, security specialists and software developers. These are expected positions in the IT field, but IT has grown to encompass many positions people wouldn't expect had anything to do with technology - even people in the IT field themselves.

Here are some jobs you might not expect were part of the IT field. Maybe you'll come across one that will help you in your IT job search.

1. Meme Agent

This is mostly a business/marketing position that helps internet memes go viral and generate attention, income, and endorsements or book deals, etc. Intimate knowledge of SEO and other internet marketing techniques is required.

2. User Experience Designer

UX designers may be hired during the product development phase or after, to make sure the product provides a pleasant or superior user experience. UX designers can make or break the success of a product, and are a growing need for companies.

3. Data Scientist

Someone has to take all of the collected data of a company and make sense of it. Not only that, but a data scientist also helps to use the data to make a growth plan for the company so that it can surpass its bottom line year after year.

4. Professional Video Gamer

What young man (and many women as well) wouldn't want to get paid to play video games day in and day out? Professional video gamers, however, must be the best at a particular game, and often need to perform at concert-like events where they show off their superior skills. Top professional gamers can earn mid-six figures for their efforts.

IT jobs
5. Computational Linguist

The proliferation of virtual assistants (Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, for example) have led to increased demand for computational linguists, who create the programming used by these many assistants. The programs use artificial intelligence to answer queries and

6. Designer

Many IT jobs require someone to design the framework for projects and large tasks. People might not expect a "designer" to have anything to do with IT, but technology has permeated so much of corporate life that designers have become integral parts of many IT departments.

7. Marketing Specialist

Technology is encroaching more and more into marketing, so many marketing positions have become technical enough to require IT expertise to fulfill. Marketing jobs that are heavy in web design or digital marketing have enough overlap to hire an IT professional instead of a marketing one.

8. Blog Manager

Running a high volume blog is at least as much IT work as it is actual writing. Bloggers with IT skills have a huge advantage over those who need to figure out all the technical stuff as they go along (or hire an IT assistant).

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