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A Better Way to Use IT Job Boards

Apr 07 , 2016

There is more than one way to use job boards when looking for a job.

Most IT job seekers use job boards as one resource when they look for jobs, either to see what kinds of jobs are out there or to search for a new job after losing theirs. Companies and recruiters post job openings on these job boards, and job seekers can post their resumes so that recruiters are able to contact them with job openings that fit their qualifications.

Pros and Cons of Posting Your Resume on a Job Board

Posting your resume on a job board can help recruiters find you and can lead to a job opportunity. It can be easier to post your resume once, with weekly updates, rather than sending out different applications and resumes for each job opening you become aware of.

There can be pitfalls to posting your resume on job boards as well. Some companies look down on resume postings as being "desperate" or lazy, and they may not consider those who post their resumes on job boards as favorable candidates for their open positions.

Although posting your resume could potentially lead to an opportunity, you may end up spending time searching for different job boards, then formulating, submitting and updating your resume and still not get any leads. This is a time that might be better spent on more productive job search activities. There could also be a risk of identity theft if you post personal information like your address online.

Despite these drawbacks, it can be beneficial to post your resume on some job boards. If you are posting your resume so that recruiters will contact you about open positions, boards geared toward your specific profession or your local area typically generate more contacts from recruiters than more general, large scale ones.

Many IT job seekers use job boards to find opportunities.

Using Job Boards to Test Effectiveness

There is one way to use IT job boards to your advantage, even if it doesn't directly lead to a job opportunity. By posting your resume with carefully chosen keywords, you can test their effectiveness. Assessing the inquiries and attention from recruiters to see whether the positions match up to your qualifications will help you figure out which keywords will work best with applicant tracking software when you apply for specific positions.

Choosing to post your resume may or may not generate viable leads for positions and lead to interviews - it's difficult to say. However, by testing your resume on job boards, you will be able to refine its wording and make it more effective so that you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd when your resume is screened during the application process.

When you post your resume for this purpose, you can choose job boards that are specific to IT jobs, to your location, or are large, general purpose job boards. Although theoretically, a larger job board will yield more results, more targeted job boards may give more accurate results for the jobs you actually want to pursue.

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