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How to Turn a Rejected Job Offer Into a Hiring Plus

May 25 , 2017
In every hiring manager’s life, a sad little rain must fall. But if you capture it, you can water the garden of candidates to help it bear more happy fruit in the future. 
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Expert Interview Series: Chris Humphrey of Jobs On Toast About How PhD Holders Can Find and Secure an IT Job

May 25 , 2017
Dr. Chris Humphrey, who holds a PhD in Medieval Studies, left academia to pursue a career in business, technology, and consulting.  He is the founder of careers website Jobs on Toast, which aims to...
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4 Proven Ways to Improve Your Career and Hiring Site

May 22 , 2017
Nowadays, hiring is all about the candidate experience. Outdated and clumsy career sites need a makeover or else they risk turning off the top candidates they want to attract.  If your career site...
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Hiring Great Talent? Don't Forget Your Supporting Cast

May 18 , 2017
Who doesn’t want to hire a star for every open position in the company? You’d surely be a well-oiled machine if you did. You’d also spend more time sourcing and more money on salaries, not to mention...
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Simplify Cloud Migration with Professional Services

May 17 , 2017
Cloud migration doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. A hybrid IT approach, which keeps some resources in-house and some in the cloud, is more and more common. Still, cloud migration can...
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2 Technology Trends that Recruitment Pros Love (And Hate)

May 12 , 2017
Technology is supposed to make life simpler, and sometimes it does. Other times, tech advancements bring about more headaches than they cure. What’s happening now and what’s on the horizon? Here are...
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Which is Better: An Active or Passive Candidate?

May 09 , 2017
Active job candidates are engaged in the hunt. Passive candidates are probably not looking at all. That should mean that you’d have better luck pursuing active candidates to fill open positions, but...
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3 Key Virtualization Trends to Watch

May 01 , 2017
Few things have revolutionized the IT industry quite like virtualization. It might technically be a decades-old concept, but it’s growing at a phenomenal rate. Virtualization powers cloud computing...
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