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Expert Interview Series: Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN on Cyber Security Jobs

Jul 28 , 2017
We recently checked in with Deidre Diamond, founder and CEO of The CyberSN, which is working to transform employment searching through a technology platform using a common language, in order to...
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7 Things Every HR Pro Needs to Know About Boolean Search

Jul 21 , 2017
With employers in hot competition for the top talent and fewer applications coming in per requisition, it's time to revisit a tool that might not have seemed imperative just a few short years ago:...
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Professional Services Gives You a Competitive Advantage: Here's How

Jul 18 , 2017
What does a major corporation have that you don’t? Resources, for one. But you don’t need a multi-department organization and dozens of full-time permanent employees on staff in order to reach for...
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What are You Doing to Keep the Talent You've Got?

Jul 14 , 2017
After spending the time and resources to land a great hire, the last thing you want is an unnecessary spin around the mouse wheel and another space on the team to fill. People abandon ship when...
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Talent Acquisition for Remote Employees: What Works Best?

Jul 12 , 2017
Hiring remote employees isn’t as unusual as it once was. Now, it’s almost commonplace. WordPress just closed a major office because so many workers prefer telecommuting to a brick-and-mortar office....
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5 Network Security Best Practices and How Professional Services Can Help

Jul 10 , 2017
With malware and hacks becoming larger threats, businesses must stay hyper-vigilant about network security. Data breaches and other network security threats hit the headlines with an increasing...
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4 Must-Have Elements of a Killer Job Posting Description

Jul 05 , 2017
Are your job descriptions bland or stuck in another decade? Do they get the point across but lack any sort of appeal to stand out from your competition? Have you hired a new person, then learned in...
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