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4 Reasons You Need a POS Upgrade in 2018

Dec 28 , 2017
Are you in the big data loop and can you use it to your advantage? Does the cloud for business sound like a dangerous endeavor? Are you tired of chasing problems with the Point of Sale system you’ve...
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Is Your Support Desk Software Less Than Supportive?

Dec 27 , 2017
The support desk has a serious job to do. On the front side, it's still for questions and answers. On the back end, it carries a much bigger load. That is, of course, unless the software is outdated,...
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Why Most Businesses Plan to Upgrade IT Security in 2018

Dec 19 , 2017
Next year will be huge for IT security across the United States and in the UK. The overwhelming majority of businesses plan to update IT security management or replace it altogether. Some businesses...
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Retaining engineers in “non-hip” industrial or manufacturing environments

Dec 13 , 2017
Life can be hard for an engineer. While some of their peers head off to work in an exciting, creative space, others might find a great-paying, meaningful job with excellent benefits in a...
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Where Will HR Talent Management Technology Go in 2018?

Dec 07 , 2017
The New Year will be here before you know it. With it, you'll find a certain fine-tuning of practices and trends that you already know. HR has received an embarrassment of technology riches over the...
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