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Working from Home? Here's How to Do It Well

Jun 26 , 2019
More and more companies are offering remote work options for their employees. Working from home has many advantages, but there are often challenges as well. It can take time to adjust to working from...
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Glassdoor Names JJ Hurley A Top CEO

Jun 19 , 2019
GDH Consulting, Inc. CEO JJ Hurley has won a Glass Door Employees’ Choice Award honoring the Top CEOs in 2019.
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Mobile Recruiting 101: A Quick Guide

Jun 18 , 2019
  Companies are continually searching for easier ways to recruit and attract candidates. Also, many have realized that making the application process easier will yield more applicants. One major way...
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How Performance Reviews Are Changing in 2019

Jun 13 , 2019
It used to be pretty much a given: once a year, your supervisor would sit you down and give you a performance review. You would get to hear all about how your supervisor and others at your company...
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The Reference Check 2.0: How to Get the Best Results from Your Efforts

Jun 11 , 2019
Reference checks can often be nothing more than a formality to make sure a candidate hasn't lied about their background or experience. If  done right, however, they can provide confirmation that you...
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5 Steps to Reducing Employee Turnover

Jun 06 , 2019
Smart companies want to reduce employee turnover as much as they can. Not only does turnover cost companies money in recruiting and training new employees, but it also can hurt morale for everyone...
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How to Become a Better Hiring Manager in 2019 and Beyond

Jun 03 , 2019
It used to be pretty easy to be a hiring manager. Sure, it was time-consuming, but it was also fairly company-centered, with the hiring manager controlling the process and being able to do things how...
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