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9 Recruiting Metrics Your Brand Should Be Tracking

May 31 , 2022
As your business works to hire employees it can attract and afford, you may wonder how your hiring team is performing. How do you know if your recruiting efforts are successful or missing the mark?
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The Downsides of Accepting a Counteroffer

May 23 , 2022
When you receive an attractive job offer from a new company, it is a common practice to go to your existing supervisor and share this news with them. Intending to leave your job after appropriate...
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Should You Apply to a Company That Has Rejected You in the Past?

May 16 , 2022
If you're trying to get a job, rejection from a company you really want to work for is disappointing and painful. You may even end up with bad feelings towards a company you admired previously. 
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How Sustainability Can Impact Your Recruiting Efforts

May 12 , 2022
Corporate sustainability has become an important consideration for a growing number of employees, with a resulting impact on companies' recruiting efforts. Increasingly, employees want to work for a...
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How to Create an Eye-Catching Resume

May 10 , 2022
You don't have a lot of time to grab the attention of a hiring manager. A 2018 study by Ladders, Inc. revealed recruiters and hiring managers only spend an average of 7.4 seconds reading a job...
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What is Hybrid Work and Are You Willing to Do It?

May 04 , 2022
After working from home for some or all of the last almost two years, many employees have decided they want to continue their remote work situations, some or all of the time. A work arrangement that...
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How to Write Diverse and Inclusive Job Descriptions

May 02 , 2022
Most employers today want a diverse and inclusive workplace and are working to reach that goal. However, research has found that without inclusive job descriptions that contain language diverse...
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