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12 Questions You Should Ask Employees During Exit Interviews

Jun 20 , 2022
Employers often overlook exit interviews even though they can be valuable tools to boost engagement and employee retention rates. It is important to get as much information as you can about what...
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Emotional Intelligence - What Is It, and Why Is It a Desirable Trait?

Jun 15 , 2022
Emotional Intelligence, or EI, is a desirable trait for employees in the workplace and in all parts of life. This form of intelligence helps people handle difficult or emotionally intense situations...
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Tips for Mastering the Remote Video Interview

Jun 08 , 2022
Even after most COVID-19 restrictions have ended, many companies are still doing video interviews to keep office visitors to a minimum or because it's more convenient. Thus, it is important to learn...
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GDH announces a new Executive Director of Delivery (EDD)

Jun 01 , 2022
We are excited to announce Kevin Compton as the Executive Director of Delivery (EDD) at GDH. In this role, Kevin will oversee all aspects of delivery strategy for the company.
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