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Can You Automate Your Hiring Too Much?

Mar 11 , 2020

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Automation seems like the perfect solution to a faster recruiting process, along with being able to do more with less staff. One of the biggest questions facing hiring teams today is whether there is any such thing as too much automation of the hiring process.

Using the tools currently available to recruiters, it is possible to automate just about every aspect of recruiting. ATS systems can screen resumes, assessments can evaluate both hard and soft skills, and chatbots can keep candidates apprised about where they are in the hiring process and answer questions. 

Interviews can be scheduled automatically, background checks can be automated, and onboarding can also be automated to a large extent with online training modules and the submission of paperwork. Talent pipelines can also be compiled without any extra work on the hiring team's part using the information given by candidates that don't get job offers but could next time.

But can all these aspects of hiring be automated without losing any of the quality associated with the process? Answering that question will help you decide whether it is possible to automate too much.

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ATS systems can be used to screen resumes automatically, saving time in the recruiting process. 

Too Much Automation?

Hiring automation is best used for parts of the process that are repetitive, time-consuming, and don't require a personal touch. Here are some signs that your process may be overly automated.

-Too many good candidates are dropping off mid-process. If you see quality candidates dropping out before you can extend a job offer, too much automation could be the reason. Candidates need a certain level of personal contact in order to feel that the position is one they want to have. If they feel too cut off from the hiring team or company, it will kill their interest, and they will move on.

-Your company's reputation has taken a hit. If post-interview surveys reveal that your reputation as an employer is less than it should be, a look at your hiring process is warranted. It's possible that there are other reasons why candidates don't view your company favorably, but if your process is highly automated, that could be a place to start unraveling the reasons for the problem. 

-Your hiring results are less than great. If a series of bad hires has your hiring team pulling out its hair, a process that's too highly automated may be causing mistakes that could be solved by a more personal touch in some areas. 

Adding more of a personal touch to how you fill open positions may be all that is needed to optimize your company's hiring process so you can get the best talent possible. The best areas to add in more of a personal touch are in the interview and job offer, as well as with ongoing communication about where candidates stand in the process.

GDH offers recruiting services including reasonable automation to optimize your hiring process. Contact us for more information about how we can help improve your company's hiring.