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Expert Interview Series: Andrea Vukina Stojanovic About the Current Needs of the Irish IT Job Market

Nov 19 , 2015

If you're an IT expert in the U.S. or Canada who is in the market for a new job, you might try looking across the pond.

"The IT jobs market in Ireland is booming at the moment, and there is a very large demand for skilled IT professionals," says Andrea Vukina Stojanović, director at Irish Recruiter.

Ireland is the fastest-growing economy right now, and the IT sector is at the forefront, with many companies hiring a larger number of new employees, she adds.

We recently checked in with Andrea to learn more about what makes Ireland so attractive to IT companies and to get her take on IT recruiting today. Here's what she had to say:

What makes Ireland attractive to IT companies globally?

Ireland is where U.S. capital meets the skilled, highly-educated English and multilingual EU workforce with no work visa restrictions imposed. IT companies are supported by the Irish government in attracting new talent and creating jobs. Low corporate taxes also need to be mentioned!

What types of IT expertise are in demand in the Irish job market right now?

At the moment, we see a need for IT experts in a large spectrum of technologies and in roles that cover research and innovation as well as business analysis and product development. Those that are especially in demand are experts in niche and new technologies.

What are the challenges companies face when searching for the top IT talent?

With such great demand for skilled workforce in IT, there is simply not enough locally available talent. Recruiters have to be very creative in sourcing, and companies are turning even more to attracting talent from abroad.

How can recruiters better target qualified job candidates?

There has to be a close link between recruiters and the hiring manager so the requirements for the job and the right candidate are well-defined and clear. There also has to be a link between recruiters, hiring managers and the marketing department in an area where traditionally only human resources were involved.

What can companies do to make themselves more attractive to the top IT talent?

Companies need to fully manage their digital footprint and show their social responsibility to attract new talent. For every bad story about an employer in a public domain, there should be at least three good ones.

What are some of your favorite tools for recruiters wanting to fill job openings?

Through they are not recruitment-specific, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are very useful, as is software collaboration tool GitHub and Google X-Ray search.

What do you think the IT job market will look like in Ireland in the next decade? How do you think recruiting needs will evolve?

Recruitment is evolving and moving from strictly HR's domain into the online marketing sphere and will tie into employer branding for candidate attraction tightly.

In the coming years, marketing automation tools, integrated with modern ATSs, will become core tools for recruiters. Tools such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua or HubSpot will become integral to the recruitment industry.

Big data tools will enable quality matchmaking between jobs and candidates in fully automated processes supported by AI learning to make better matches.

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