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Getting Creative with Your Online Portfolio

Jul 01 , 2015

When it comes time to build an online portfolio, you want to create something that delivers the right message and a great first impression, but also doesn't go overboard. Read on to discover the five best elements to include when creating a site to highlight your resume and achievements.

Try to Get Your Name as a Domain

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd (especially from those in the world who might share your name) is to own Depending on the rarity of your name, this may be easier said then done. If someone already owns the domain for your name, consider going with a .net or .org option. You can also try adding your middle initial, entire middle name, or the word "Portfolio" at the end. No luck? Try adding your profession at the end (e.g.,

Keeping it Professional

When creating a site specifically for the promotion of your professional skills and potential, make sure you keep it only to things that are professional. This means keeping your personal activities, family photos or anything irrelevant off the site.

Remember, you're creating this site to present yourself to organizations and individuals with the hopes of furthering your career. The information on the site should be focused on what's found on your resume and in your portfolio, as well as other topics that will provide value to those thinking of hiring or working with you.

Best Methods of Contact

Gone are the days when you manually print out a copy of your resume and hand it to someone in an office. So are the days of waiting by the phone for a response on how the interview went. Now everything is done through email and social media.

That being said, ensure your personal contact information is easily accessible through your online resume. Your site should also include an easy-to-use contact form and links to your social media profiles - at the very least, be sure to include your LinkedIn page.

A Great-Looking Site

Your website should also appear as if it were a simple sheet of paper being handed in for consideration for a job. Through WordPress, anyone can register a domain name and have a great-looking site within just minutes. There are plenty of free WordPress themes to choose from, along with many premium "resume" themes in which you could invest.

Your site design or theme should be clean-looking with a white background, and be easy to navigate. Only include links to other pages found within your site or to your personal profiles. Stay away from distractions or anything that might pull the site visitor away from your resume-related information.

It's also beneficial to include a high-quality headshot (in which you look friendly and are smiling) somewhere on your site.

Creating the Perfect Site to Represent You

We've laid out many different ways to create an online portfolio or resume that compliments your expertise, job history and personal achievements. Now it's time for you to pull it all together and create the ultimate resource site.

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of internet marketing experience. You can learn more about Zac at his blog.