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4 Ways GenZ Will Shape Your Company's Future

Jan 15 , 2018

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Information abounds about the millennial generation, and they're now in the workforce in abundance. In fact, you or members of your team may belong to this generation. It's time to look at the new generation of young adults in the workforce: genZ. How are they changing the way recruitment works, the way businesses hire, and the way that your company envisions its future? 

Who is Generation Z? 

While there is no strict cutoff between generations, generation Z was born somewhere in the mid to late 1990s to about 2016. The oldest of this generation is moving into the workforce, and like the millennials, they are digital natives. They have never known a time without the internet. Business Insider states that "there are three primary factors that influence a generation: age, societal norms, and technology." When it comes to their attitude toward IT and competence in this area, genZ is a generation like no other.

For generation Z, technology is integral to communication, but they seek out different types of technology than generations before it. Like the millennials, they aren't interested in traditional media that contains advertising spots. While they enjoy social media, they are quite conscious of their digital footprint and prefer to connect with ephemeral media such as Snapchat rather than adding posts that stay on social media for a long time. 

1. They Embrace Continuous Learning 

According to the Huffington Post, generation Z "lives in a world of continuous updates." They are very good at processing information quickly and will often multi-task on several different devices at one time. This applies to their attitude toward work as well. Many of them are considering or moving into the workforce at an early age, deciding to use their current skills and shift as they go rather than pursuing further formal education. They're confident in their ability to learn what they need to learn, when they need to learn it. 

For a recruiter or recruitment agencies, this can make it challenging to examine a prospective hire on the basis of past education. You'll need to look at that individual's history of learning and growing within a role rather than putting a lot of weight on formal education. 

2. They Enjoy Entrepreneurship 

Generation Z desires independent working and learning environments. This connects to their desire to pursue their own interests in depth. They have an entrepreneurial spirit. For those who are recruiting members of this generation into a company, it's important to accommodate this desire. Make avenues for personal and professional growth clear, and make sure that your prospective employees know how much they will be able to customize and invent their job or suggest new directions for your company. 

3. They Think Globally 

This generation isn't focused on its hometown anymore. While peer interactions are still important, those peers can be found anywhere. Generation Z grew up being able to connect with others around the world, any time they want. They have a lot in common with these global peers. You can use this to your advantage as a recruiter. If you want to find an employee who's comfortable connecting with others around the world and learning how to do this better over time, talk with genZ.

Recruitment agencies

4. They Need to Find an Environment That Celebrates Diversity 

Generation Z doesn't want to work for companies that don't appreciate their diversity and appreciate them as people. Their generation is diverse in its makeup and is accepting of diversity in others, particularly racial diversity and sexual orientation. At the same time, according to Business Insider, they are not optimistic about the future: "71% said they see their lives getting more challenging in the future." Providing an accepting environment that celebrates diversity and the unique contributions of each of these employees can make them feel more enthusiastic and comfortable and reduce employee turnover. 

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