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How IT Recruiters Can Help "Sell" Top Talent on Your Company

Sep 22 , 2016

IT recruiting
When trying to attract top talent, the hiring team becomes almost like a sales team. Having a job offer accepted is like closing a deal that can make your company a lot of money in the future. IT recruiters can help in this process.

Attracting Top Talent is Essential

Top IT talent is not going to come looking for your company in most cases. The hiring team needs to put forth some effort - sometimes considerable effort - to find top talent "leads" to pursue and sell on all the great things about coming to work for your company.

Having an easy-to-navigate, well-put-together company website is a good first step for companies wanting to attract top IT talent. A solid and dynamic social media presence also helps talent see that your company is responsive and up-to-date in its use of technology. Chances are, top talent will evaluate your company through the web long before the hiring team ever gets a chance to evaluate top talent, and your company does not want to be found wanting.

In addition to a strong web presence, it helps attract top talent if your company can get named on a "best places to work" list or win some awards for being outstanding in its field. Reputation is everything, and top talent wants to work for companies that stand out from the crowd as being at the top of their game.

Employee referral networks and a high profile in the community are other ways to get top talent to notice you. With a sales package like this, you stand a pretty good chance to attract top talent. But what happens if you don't have time to develop these sales tools, and your company needs to hire now?

IT recruiting When Companies Need Help Attracting Top Talent

Web presence, social media networking, getting awards, and the other things listed here can take time to build, but there are some tools recruiters can use to help companies "sell" themselves to top talent. Recruiters already have these tools in place, so they can be very helpful in speeding up the hiring process.

Recruiters often have talent networks that they have cultivated over a period of time. These talent networks can yield job leads without your company having to invest dozens of hours building your own talent network or employee referral program (although these are valuable initiatives that should be made a priority going forward). Recruiters also use social media to develop relationships with top talent to which they may later be able to offer a job opportunity.

Recruiting tools may not be able to completely replace company-specific efforts like a quality website, but they can help. Recruiters will also be able to give favorable information about your company to potential candidates and will lend credibility to your company's reputation in the process. Contact GDH Consulting to see how we can help you in your recruiting efforts.

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