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How to Become the Employer of Choice in Your Industry

Nov 18 , 2021

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All employers want to be the ones with a steady stream of top talent begging for a position in their company. The way to do it: become an employer of choice within your industry.

Simply put, an employer of choice is one that most people would choose first if they had their pick of where to work. But what does it take to be an employer that people want to work for, prefer over other employers, and seek out first when searching for a new opportunity?

Inspire and Encourage

Most people would eagerly show up for work every day if their employer created an environment where they felt inspired and encouraged, valued and appreciated. All other things like salary and benefits being equal, candidates will pick your company every single time if you can show them starting with the interview that you value them.  They also want to know that you will do everything you can to make their workplace productive, effective, and inspiring every single day. 

If your workplace is actually as you describe, your current employees may end up doing most of your recruiting for you because they won't be able to shut up about how great it is to work there. Word will get around, and you will have more top candidates than you know what to do with.

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Focus on the Most Important Things

Another thing your company can do to be an employer of choice is to make sure you are focusing on the things your employees and candidates think are most important. And these may be different than the things you think are priorities. Candidates will want to work for you if they understand that you have their best interest at heart and are considering their point of view.

Reward Feedback

Let's face it: sometimes employees have really great ideas that deserve consideration and adoption by the company. And always, employees have viewpoints that need to be heard and understood. Asking for feedback and taking it seriously are absolutely essential to a positive workplace culture that gets people excited to come to work every day. 

Keep it Light

Business can be serious sometimes, but a workplace culture that refuses to take itself too seriously and works to add in humor and lightheartedness will attract many hardworking people who don't want their entire lives to be about work and drudgery. One way to lighten the workplace atmosphere is to encourage work-life balance and self-care for employees, rather than expecting employees to get things done no matter what else is going on in their lives. 

GDH can help companies focus on their top priorities by handling some or all recruiting tasks. Contact us for more information on what we offer and how it can help your company meet its hiring needs.