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How to Build a Stronger Recruiter/Hiring Manager Relationship

Jul 22 , 2019

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The relationship between recruiters and hiring managers directly affects many parts of the hiring process, like the candidate experience and the ability to hire top talent. Many times, hiring managers and recruiters can work against or in competition with each other, but working together is much better for everyone involved.

Dispel Misconceptions 

The first step to building a stronger relationship between recruiters and hiring managers is to come to a better understanding about the realities of each position rather than relying on misconceptions that often exist. For instance, iCIMS’ Hire Expectations Institute reports that 61 percent of hiring managers think that recruiters have a only a low or moderate level of knowledge about the jobs they recruit for. 

Good recruiters know that their chances of finding suitable candidates are not very good if they don't take some time to learn about the positions they need to recruit for. For their part, many recruiters see hiring managers as taking too long to decide on candidates and duplicating too much of their recruiting work in the process. 

Communicate Effectively

It's a given that the foundation of any good recruiter/hiring manager relationship is communication, but it bears repeating that the quality of the relationship is going to depend on the quality of the communication. Being tactfully honest will expose misconceptions and potential problems so they can be dealt with and resolved productively. 

Hiring manager reading an job candidates resume.

Set Boundaries 

A lot of problems can be prevented by having proper boundaries about which responsibilities each team will handle and appropriate deadlines for tasks to be completed. When everyone understands each other and is on the same page, things will go a lot smoother and no one will get ruffled feathers about unmet expectations that were never discussed or decided.

No Unicorns

Looking for unicorns—those perfectly idealized candidates that, like the unicorns they are named after, don't actually exist—is a waste of time and just makes both recruiters and hiring managers more frustrated and tense. Being realistic about the essential qualifications of each position and then letting the rest go is the best way to make the process more manageable for all involved. 

Build Trust

Trust is essential for any relationship, and the recruiter/hiring manager relationship is no exception. Trust means knowing that someone will keep their word, and trust can only be built by keeping yours. Trust means admitting when you don't have enough knowledge to write a job description or conduct an interview. It also means doing your part and stepping up to help when you see that help is needed on a task, even if it's not technically part of your job.

Let Go

Part of trusting your hiring partners means letting go of the need to control every aspect of the process. If your trust is rightly placed and you have set the right boundaries, you don't need to worry about whether things will get done to your satisfaction. 

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