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IT Hiring Managers: Get Help Now

Oct 21 , 2015

Using a recruiter is a good idea even for companies with hiring managers.

As an IT hiring manager, you may feel that it's your job to find quality IT candidates with which your company can fill open positions. Using a recruiter may feel like cheating or shirking your duties; however, except for in large companies, most hiring managers have many duties beyond hiring, including department leadership, training development, and conducting reviews for existing employees. With all the hats many hiring managers typically wear, why not take advantage of what recruiters have to offer?

Advantages of Using Recruiters

There are several advantages to hiring a recruiter even for dedicated hiring managers in larger companies. If your company does a lot of hiring, it is difficult to develop the expertise needed to fill all different kinds of positions. IT recruiters specialize in knowing how to find the talent you seek and have spent time preparing to do so.

Another advantage to using a recruiter is that the recruiter has probably spent significant time developing a talent pipeline that can take months off the hiring timeline for your company. Sure, you could develop your own talent pipeline, but how long would that take? And would it really be worthwhile to your company for you to spend many hours of salaried time to do so?

Sure, it costs money to hire a recruiter, but how many opportunities for growth and development will your company lose if you put major time and resources into recruiting rather than focusing on your other duties? By having a recruiter do the legwork, you can invest in other aspects of the hiring process like interviewing and making final decisions on who to hire.

Working With a Recruiter

While the recruiter will be using a talent pipeline and existing relationships to find candidates for your open IT positions, you still have work to do in verifying job descriptions with the relevant departments, narrowing or widening the requirements for each job as needed to yield the best possible candidates, and interviewing candidates once they are identified.

Recruiters have many ways to find the IT talent you seek.

Take advantage of recruiters' expertise and intimate knowledge of the data side of identifying candidates while you make sure your company's best interests are served. Keep communicating with the recruiter throughout the process, making adjustments as needed to bring in the talent you need.

Although most people only seek to hire when they have open positions, using a recruiter can actually allow you to improve your staff by replacing low-performing positions with the recruiter's help. Having top talent makes a huge difference in a company's bottom line, so it is worthwhile to improve staffing wherever possible.

What Do You Have to Lose?

Recruiters work on contingency - in other words, they don't get paid unless they deliver a hire. If they fail to produce a candidate you want to hire - or if your own network produces a candidate - it costs your company nothing. The usual "wait and see" tactic of trying to fill the position on your own first makes no sense here, and only causes delays in filling the position.

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