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Job Searching During Coronavirus: Some Strategies for Moving Forward

Mar 30 , 2020

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Job seekers have been thrown a huge curveball with the coronavirus outbreak and its massive response, which has forced many non-essential businesses in some states to shut down for an undetermined period of time.

Even in the midst of huge shutdowns and uncertainty about how long the response will last, however, there are still steps job seekers can take to move their search forward and find their next opportunity. Here are some factors of which to be aware and strategies for dealing with the altered conditions that may present themselves.

Of course, businesses that are shut down will not be hiring during this time, but there are still businesses that are hiring because of increased needs. Some of the industries and sectors that will need to ramp up in the near future include retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and critical safety positions like law enforcement and social work. 

Other industries are still operating but may be working from home or remote locations, such as IT, management, and project management positions. 

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Willing to Work on Site?

One important consideration to make as you search for a job is your willingness to be in a workplace if you are offered a job that requires you to do so. If you are in a vulnerable population, it is perfectly acceptable to look only at work-from-home positions or take a break from searching if that isn't possible. 

If you do have options that you consider safe and acceptable, however, you can move forward with job applications and interviews even in a time of shutdown or quarantine. Not stopping your search is actually a way to be more competitive and will give you an advantage during this time.

Job Search Strategies During Coronavirus

Interviewing during this time period will likely be conducted via video, and you may be asked to submit a video of yourself answering questions if a hiring team can't arrange a two-way video with a meeting app like Zoom or Skype. 

With face-to-face interviewing out of the picture, it is doubly important to keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated because they may scrutinized more carefully than they would be under normal circumstances. 

While you may have a lot of time at home to conduct your search, chances are that companies still operating during the outbreak may be busier than ever. You should expect timelines to increase and delays to be more frequent as hiring decisions may be in flux with rapidly changing conditions. 

One important strategy is to follow up regularly at all stages of the process. You don't need to call a company every day, but certainly once a week is not unreasonable as a baseline. 

With diligence and consistency, it will be possible for many to get a job during the coronavirus outbreak. GDH offers help to job seekers with job postings and a talent network that connects seekers with companies that need talent.