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Making the Most of IT Recruiting Services

Aug 17 , 2016
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The hiring process can benefit from all kinds of recruiting services.

Recruiting services come with a cost - both financial and in other ways. The costs involved in recruiting can be well worth it, however, if you use them to their full potential. In many cases, making the most of recruiting services will end up helping your company's bottom line rather than costing it anything.

The Usefulness of Recruiting Technologies

Using a recruiter gives companies access to recruiting technologies they would not otherwise have. Recruiters have their own talent networks, they use applicant tracking software to screen resumes, and they often have social media contacts in the pipeline as well as web resources optimized for mobile use. Using these technologies shouldn't represent the entire recruiting process, but can save time as well as find candidates that other methods won't.

Any recruiting technologies used will also have data that can be accessed to show what exactly has been done and the results of each effort that was made. Reviewing these data analytics will show how to make the recruiting process even more effective and will reassure companies that their recruiting dollars are being well spent.

Communicating Can Optimize Recruiting Efforts

Regular communication with your recruiting team is necessary in order to get the most out of recruiting services. Companies should know what services recruiters are performing and have regular check-ins to ensure that progress is being made and goals met. It may be tempting to let the recruiting team take over the process completely, but the best results come from partnerships where both sides are engaged in the process.

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Recruiting services can find quality candidates faster and easier than companies can alone.

Recruiting Goes Beyond Finding Candidates and Screening Them

You aren't making the most of recruiting services if you are only relying on recruiters to post your jobs, screen resumes, and put together recommendations. Recruiters can handle many other aspects of the hiring process, including the following:

  • skills testing
  • psychometric testing
  • checking references
  • checking social media background of candidates
  • monitoring employee attachment during initial employment period
  • surveying employee engagement
  • tracking employee performance
  • employee recognition and reward systems

The last few services listed have to do with employee retention, which is often neglected as part of the recruiting process. Recruiters often offer these services because employee retention can impact their fee structure - if employees aren't retained, recruiters won't get paid (or will get paid less).

These services are often classified as human resources tasks, but smaller businesses may not be able to afford sufficient HR staff to handle these tasks effectively and may benefit from recruiting help in these areas.

How Recruiting Services Can Save Companies Money

When employees spend time on hiring functions, they lose productivity in other areas. It's typically difficult for smaller businesses to focus on hiring at the same time as sales, product development, or marketing. By hiring help with recruiting tasks, employees can focus on tasks that make money for the company, keeping sales and productivity high.

If paying for recruiting services costs less than having existing employees perform those tasks when measuring not just salary of existing employees but how much they produce during hours that would have been spent on recruiting, it is worthwhile to pay the costs of recruiting.

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