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Meeting Capacity Planning Challenges with Professional Services

Mar 06 , 2018

Professional services

Capacity planning in an IT environment refers to estimating the resources needed for the business to function at an optimal level. Underutilizing resources or falling short on resources needed will cost your business money and lead to operating difficulties. Capacity planning aims to figure out exactly how much storage, computer hardware, software and connection infrastructure and resources will be needed going forward to be able to meet production and functioning needs. 

Capacity planning can be a tricky process that is a lot harder than it looks sometimes. Needs can change quickly and unpredictably, leading to a need for more, or sometimes less, resources within days, weeks or months. Capacity planning takes a good handle on the current use of resources, an idea of expected growth and expansion, and just a touch of being able to see into a crystal ball what the future will bring. 

What Professional Services Have to Offer Capacity Planning

While capacity planning can be extremely difficult to do, getting professional help can put a successful planning process within your reach. Capacity planning professionals have established processes that effectively forecast future needs, plan for what to do when things don't go as expected, and allow the business to scale up or down quickly if conditions change faster than expected. 

Professional capacity planners have likely been through the process so many times that they can quickly identify your business's capacity planning needs and will have an easier time making a plan that will consider all important components. Professionals know from experience what will work and what won't, and can put together an effective plan that works for your business. 

Another advantage of using professional services for capacity planning is that the professionals will have a more objective view of your business and can make objective decisions. Passion is an important part of operating a business, but there's also a time to step back and be objective about the business so that decisions are made on the basis of facts and not purely on emotion.

Professional services

Finally, using professional services to do capacity planning will keep your staff firmly focused on current business priorities. Although professional services come with an additional cost, preserving staff's time for productive activities that bring in income that may more than offset the cost of professional services.  

GDH Consulting provides a range of IT services from recruiting to infrastructure development. Capacity planning is yet another IT service that can help with staffing and resource development going forward, saving your company money and time. Contact us for more information about all of our IT services and how they can help your business thrive in a competitive environment.