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Mobile Recruiting: Reaching IT Talent Where It's At

Aug 20 , 2015

Most job seekers now use mobile devices to find and apply for jobs.

A recent survey showed that 90 percent of respondents checked their mobile device in the first hour they are awake and 50 percent checked their phones 25 times a day. Among 18 to 24 year olds, a prime age group for IT recruiting, 50 percent checked their phones within 5 minutes of waking up.

Given these statistics, it's should not be a surprise that 86 percent of active candidates use their smartphones to start a job search. Furthermore, 70 percent of candidates want to apply on their mobile devices. Which brings us to the question: is your job or recruiting site mobile-friendly? For far too many IT companies and recruiters, the answer is no.

How To Get Mobile-Friendly

Until recently, building a website meant optimizing and using formats that were compatible across different web browsers and monitor sizes. While such considerations are still important, the added layer of having a separate and completely different site for mobile users has become critical now that a majority of job seekers are using mobile devices to find and apply for jobs.

Most up to date web creation packages will now include a mobile-optimized site. If yours doesn't, it's time to check with your site provider or switch to one who offers this service. Do-it-yourself platforms like WordPress are typically optimized for mobile viewing without any work on the users' part.

You may think that your site is mobile-friendly if it looks the same on a mobile device as it does on your desktop, only smaller. Mobile-friendly does not mean miniature, however. Site design and navigation will be different on a mobile site, which is usually designated with an "m." before the web address.

Mobile sites are optimized for ease of use.

Tips for Mobile-Friendly Sites that Work

--Just having a mobile site does not equal effectiveness. An effective site will be easy to navigate with a jobs button prominently featured on the home page. Having to click multiple times to get to the application page is no picnic with the slower load times of mobile data and wi-fi networks. IT applicants will be more likely to give up and leave your site if it's time and labor intensive to get to the right page.

--Using automated text messages to keep IT applicants apprised of where they are in the recruiting and hiring process is a user-friendly touch that applicants will appreciate. Reminders of interview times and even the names of the hiring panel will keep users in the loop and give positive word of mouth to your company even from those who don't get hired.

--Create an opt-in list for those interested in current and future IT positions within the company. Automated updates will create a talent pipeline to tap into next time a position opens up.

--Accepting social networking profiles (like LinkedIn) in lieu of resumes allows site visitors to submit their information without having access to their full resume file on their mobile device or send big files with their phone. As long as the hiring manager has some information and a way to contact the candidate if interested, they can request a resume when they are ready to take the next step in the process.

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