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Need Better Job Candidates? Aim for the Top

Nov 20 , 2017

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There’s no shortage of strategic maneuvers for hiring in such a challenging talent management and hiring climate. With the best candidates already working and few people unemployed, every step taken by HR and recruiters must count. That’s why this strategy targets candidates in the know. 

When you aim high for the informed candidate, you’ve got two things going for you straight out of the gate. 

Firstly, you know how to reach them even if you don’t know who they are. You might not know who is perusing Glassdoor, but you know they’re more likely to research your company and apply for a job where they'll fit, not just one where they meet the qualifications. Secondly, an in-the-know candidate doesn't need an in-depth job ad. That’s less work for you.

Informed Candidates Want the Same Things You Want

According to Glassdoor,  93 percent of job seekers want to know a company inside and out before applying for a job. Not all of them make the effort, but most know they're applying to a company, not just applying for a job. 

Informed candidates do their research. They’re the ones who read your posts on LinkedIn. They check employer reviews at Glassdoor. They pay attention to both positive and negative press and notice how the company responds. 

Few people apply for a job expecting not to fit in. Knowledgeable job candidates do more than hope; they learn as much as they can before filling out an application. Now that job candidate privacy is becoming more serious, it makes sense to help them find you and learn everything that they can.

Smashfly marketing idea book

They Apply for the Right Jobs and Come Prepared

If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’re familiar with the deluge of applications that happens when unemployment is high. That’s not the case now. 

Fewer applications roll in and more of them are qualified. With an informed candidate, they’re qualified and more likely to fit the company. That’s because they understand the culture.

Informed applicants tend not to apply with a company whose values go against their grain. They’re also invested in their career, not just hopeful about finding a job. Those traits give you a much better shot at hiring someone who’ll stay put with the company. Harvard Business Review says culture fit is the “glue that holds an organization together.” 

Strategies Aimed at Knowledgeable Candidates Save Time and Resources

Post and pray is practically a distant memory now. What happened as a result was a sea of strategies that spun out in many directions. Aiming high for candidates who know your company can be easier and less time-consuming. 

Alicia Garibaldi, Glassdoor marketing director, tells Smashfly that you should spruce up your company profile at their site. That helps candidates help themselves when they want to learn more about your company. It stands to reason that you should take that approach at all public venues, including social media. 

Streamline and update your hiring site to improve the candidate experience. While you’re at it, scale down job descriptions to focus less on qualifications and more on how the candidate will complement the company and the role. Informed candidates already know what the job entails. 

Informed job candidates aren't the only people on your radar, but they're fast becoming an important layer at the top of the talent pool. Their hands-on approach to job seeking eliminates some of the more time-consuming talent sourcing and hiring tasks. That lets you get down to business in the job interview much more quickly with fewer bumps in the road. 

Hiring isn't easy for anyone in a full employment economy, but we can help. Contact us to learn how we can provide the talent you need at scale.