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What to Expect During a Cultural Fit Interview

Apr 29 , 2019
More and more employers are conducting cultural fit interviews in order to make better hires and reduce turnover. Research shows that cultural fit can be as important or more important than having...
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The 25 Best Interview Questions to Determine Cultural Fit

Apr 24 , 2019
  Every good hiring manager understands the importance of hiring a candidate whose personality meshes well with the organization's culture. That's why we've pulled together this handy list of top...
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The 4 Things Top-Tier Candidates Want from an Employer

Apr 23 , 2019
Hiring teams need to come to terms with the fact that top candidates have increasing power in the current tight labor market. It's much easier for them to say no to a job offer or negotiate...
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How to Answer 'What Are Your Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses?'

Apr 18 , 2019
The common interview question "What are your biggest strengths (and weaknesses)?" can be difficult to answer effectively. If you don't give a good answer, though, you might not be taking full...
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Recruitment Marketing 101: A Quick Guide

Apr 15 , 2019
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Can Recruiters Help Address the Gender Pay Gap?

Apr 08 , 2019
The gender pay gap—the difference between what men and women make in the workplace for equivalent jobs and seniority—has narrowed significantly in recent years, and is narrowing more among younger...
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Have You Made These 7 Hiring Mistakes?

Apr 04 , 2019
Hiring mistakes can be costly, forcing the hiring team to conduct lengthier searches or redo searches when candidates don't work out and aren't retained. Have you made any of these hiring mistakes? 
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5 Tips for Becoming a More Memorable Candidate

Apr 01 , 2019
Being a memorable candidate can mean the difference between getting a job offer and getting passed over after what you thought was a solid interview. Here are some tips for becoming a more memorable...
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Top 5 Most Attractive Benefits for Prospective Employees

Mar 28 , 2019
When the labor market gets so tight that there are more jobs available than workers to fill them, your ability to hire top talent may come down to the benefits you are able to offer that preferred...
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Top Tips for Overcoming Hiring Bias in 2019

Mar 27 , 2019
Diversity in the workforce has been shown in studies to correlate with greater success and profitability. Most companies are looking to increase their diversity and want to make diverse hires that...
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